Pre-Conference Workshop 3: Harnessing Music's Superpowers to Heal, Change, and Unite

June 22, 2018, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Presenters: Erin Guinup, John Nix, and G. Phillip Shoultz, III
Location: Cohiba 6-7

Price per person is $55 (and not included with conference registration rate)

Music is powerful and our skills as musicians can be applied to make an important difference in our community. For many of us, our focus has been the concert stage, the studio, and the institution but there are millions of Americans who have limited access to music making and would greatly benefit from the skills we teach. This workshop will explore the practical considerations of creating a musical project for social justice, community building, and for other non-traditional applications. While considering the biological ways in which music can transform us, we will discuss how to encourage those who might not identify as singers and empower them as musical humans. We will also consider how to secure necessary funding and support and review some of the inspiring ways that people are using music to improve the lives of others. Attendees will prepare a song that will be presented as part of the conference opening ceremony.