Pre-Conference Workshop 5: Teaching Outside the Gender Binary: Working with Transgender and Non-Binary Singers

June 22, 2018, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Presenters: Loraine Sims, Liz Jackson Hearns, Brian Kremer, and Rachel Inselman
Location: Cohiba 1-4

Price per person is $55 (and not included with conference registration rate)

Many singing teachers realize that we should be advocates for our transgender and non-binary students and strive for diversity and inclusion. We need information and tools to make the applied music studio, music classes, and rehearsal rooms safe spaces. This workshop will provide an introduction to the special considerations that singing teachers should have to provide an inclusive gender neutral environment for learning by transgender or non-binary students. The goals will include developing or refining a basic vocabulary of terminology specific to this population and helping to create an awareness and sensitivity for the needs of those students who are in transition. Medical and psychological considerations will be included as well as discussion of the effects of hormone therapies and surgeries on voices and possible outcomes for those singers. We will be joined by a medical professional. Suggested repertoire and vocalises will be presented.