Pre-Conference Workshop 3: Voice and Hearing Health for Singers and Voice Teachers

June 26, 2020, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Presenters: Lucinda Halstead MD, Deanna McBroom, Chandler Thompson, and Randall Dick
Price per person is $55 (and not included with conference registration rate)

Location: Knoxville Convention Center, Second Floor, Lecture Hall

Join experts from our collaboration with Athletes in the Arts and the Performing Arts Medical Association to address a variety of topics on voice and hearing health and solidify your approach to addressing these issues in your studio and in your own life.  Laryngeal Massage/Head-Neck Relaxation, Preserving hearing and preventing hearing loss, common vocal injuries across the age spectrum, healthy management of vocal and physical load, and updates on commonly used medications, alternative medications, and therapeutic techniques.  This and more will be covered providing you access to some of the most up to date information available.