Pre-Conference Workshop 4: When Pedagogy Meets Profession

June 26, 2020, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Presenter: Michelle Markwart Deveaux
Price per person is $55 (and not included with conference registration rate)

Location: Knoxville Convention Center, Third Floor, 301 ABC

Catapult your voice business to the next level by aligning your business practices & structure with your already incomparable teaching.  Business Strategist & Coach and Independent Studio Owner Michelle Markwart Deveaux will take you through an intensive interactive training designed to cultivate enthusiastic reflection on how essential areas of your voice teaching have a direct connection to the business practices that you employ. You will learn how to leverage those connections for increased joy and revenue.  We'll begin to unearth your pedagogy in a new way, find the gold, and insure this gold can be woven into your systems, policies, student/client communication, and marketing. 

This workshop is for those who make a living full or part time in a voice related business, or have an entrepreneurial stake in the voice world. Whether you are a solo or multi-teacher studio owner, teaching artist, or a college/university professor, there is no reason you cannot create clarity and abundance in every part of your enterprise. 


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Pre-Conference Workshop 4: When Pedagogy Meets Profession May 19, 2020