Rena Panush

Style: World; Pop; Opera; Jazz; Folk; Gospel; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre


Bio: I teach the basics of voice use. The student learns how to breathe and how to listen to and feel their voice. They learn to analyze what they are doing and how to adjust. Then we apply the basic techniques to whatever style of singing they want to do. But voice training is a very slow and deliberate process. Maturity and patience are pretty important. \nMainly at first we do exercises and acquaint the student with their instrument so that they will have a knowledge that will get them started and hopefully keep them out of voice trouble their whole career. After about 6 months—maybe a bit sooner—we start on simple songs. So it all takes lots of patience. I don’t require that you practice for a while until you really understand what is going on. I ask that my students record their lessons so that they can begin to hear things critically. \nFor at least the first 6 months you will need to come twice a week for one-half hour. That means an hour a week. That is partially because I don’t want you to practice on your own until we both are sure that you really understand what you are doing. Also it is really better for your learning curve to see me twice a week for 2 shorter lessons rather than once a week for an hour. An hour of constant singing or exercises is also a bit strenuous for a beginner or someone who hasn’t sung for a while. \n \nFor those that are interested in Classical Music we usually start with Italian art songs and simple arias. Also there are some nice English songs and arias for beginning singers. \n \nFor those interested in Musical theater we start with songs that might be appropriate for auditions.

Voice Type: Soprano

Music Styles Taught: World; Pop; Opera; Jazz; Folk; Gospel; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre

Availability: I am available as a performer; I am currently accepting private students; I am available as a clinician or presenter

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los angeles, CA


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