Miriam R. Van Mersbergen

Style: Jazz; Classical


Title: Assistant Professor

Bio: Performing and Professional Voice Disorders Rehabilitation. \n \nI am a licensed and certified Speech Language Pathologist specializing in voice disorders of the performing and professional voice. With a bachelor's degree in Music from Calvin College in Michigan, a master's degree in Speech Language Pathology from The University of Iowa, and a doctoral degree in Speech Language Hearing Sciences and Psychology from the University of Minnesota I am qualified to conduct evaluations and therapy in voice disorders. My clinic includes a full complement of acoustic and aerodynamic measures, videostroboscopy, and an intensive singing evaluation. I work with a number of otolaryngologists in the area that specialize in voice disorders.

Voice Type: Soprano

Music Styles Taught: Jazz; Classical

Availability: I am available as a clinician or presenter; I accept students through a college or university program

Contact Information


301 East Strathmore Circle
Memphis, TN
USA 38112

TEL: 6502372040
MOBILE: 6502372040
FAX: 6502372040

E-mail: mvanmersbergen@gmail.com

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