Heather Robbins

Style: Jazz; Folk; Classical; Musical Theatre
Bio: I have an MA in Music from the University of New Hampshire, where I focused on vocal performance and vocal pedagogy. I have 20 years experience teaching students of all ages and abilities, individually or in groups. My focus is on healthy singing and fundamental technique that is necessary for all musical styles, and multiple styles of music are addressed in lessons. I believe that singing is a gift we all have in varying degrees, but singing is also a skill that can be learned and everyone, with discipline and effort, can improve their singing and their enjoyment of it. My students successfully audition for roles in school and community theatre, solos in choral ensembles, competitions and college programs; and also enjoy singing in community and church choirs and karaoke nights! Everyone develops understanding of, confidence in, and enjoyment of their own unique voice.
Voice Type: Soprano
Music Styles Taught: Jazz; Folk; Classical; Musical Theatre
Availability: I am available as a performer; I am currently accepting private students; I offer lessons in a group environment

Contact Information


Kingston, NJ
USA 08528

MOBILE: 609.851.9245

E-mail: hrobbinsmusic@gmail.com

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