Shannon Boyce

Style: Pop; Opera; Folk; Classical; Musical Theatre
Title: Soprano and Vocal Instructor

Owner of A Supple Voice Music Studio: Inspiring confidence and growth for a lifetime of singing.

For more than 14 years I've been teaching all levels of singing from beginners to advanced professional students, from children as young as 7, to adults and seniors interested in developing their personal voice.

My goal when teaching is to uncover the natural opening and balance of the student's voice. My students become active participants in the development of tailored singing exercises as their own voice is revealed slowly and gently. As the singer gains a deeper understanding of both themselves and the process of singing, the truly supple voice emerges.

I use traditional techniques from the Bel Canto approach as well as techniques from "The School of Uncovering the Voice", the approach to singing developed by Swedish Opera singer Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström. Werbeck believed that: "Every human being has a singing voice. Our work is to unveil, take away the hindrances and free the voice." I believe a free voice is a supple voice; as you learn to know your voice, you learn to know yourself.

I will accept students at any level. If you have a desire to sing I can teach you--whether you think you can carry a tune or not. Why learn to sing? As an expression of the creative spirit, as a confidence builder when needing to communicate with others, and as a healing force that lets you breathe and express yourself with your whole being.

Everyone has an inner voice and everyone has the capacity to make their inner voice sing through the outward expression of music.

Education and Training: Bachelor's in Classical Vocal Performance, Samford University, Birmingham, AL, and Master's in Classical Vocal Performance, Manhattan School of Music, NYC. Advanced workshops in School of Uncovering the Voice. Extensive continuing education in Vocal Pedagogy.

Experience: Opera, Oratorio, Musical Theater, Classical Song, and Choral performances with New York City Opera, Des Moines Metro Opera, Dicapo Opera Theater, Brevard Music Center, Riverside Symphonia. Taught by: Judith Nicosia, Joan Patenaude-Yarnell and Christiaan Boele. Sung under the baton of conductors Anton Coppola, David Effron, Julius Rudel, and Robert Larsen.

Voice Type: Soprano
Music Styles Taught: Pop; Opera; Folk; Classical; Musical Theatre
Availability: I am available as a performer; I am currently accepting private students; I am available as a clinician or presenter; I offer lessons in a group environment

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Chestnut Ridge, NY
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TEL: 646-932-6062
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