Amy Williams

Style: Pop; Opera; Jazz; Classical; Musical Theatre
Title: Davidson Bel Canto
Bio: At Davidson Bel Canto, I can help you learn how to access your true voice. The goal is to help you sing freely without tension, or strain and to bring your history and personality to some of the most beautiful and exciting vocal pieces ever written. I teach the “bel canto” (beautiful singing) method to help you access your breath, tone and move smoothly between the chest and head voice. From this classical method, I can move you into the power singing styles so popular today. Whether you are aiming for a Broadway workshop, the spring musical audition or a church solo, I believe learning to sing with musicality, power and expressiveness will cause you to grow in confidence and strength. Come join me on an exciting journey to discover your own unique talent.
Voice Type: Mezzo-soprano
Music Styles Taught: Pop; Opera; Jazz; Classical; Musical Theatre
Availability: I am available as a performer; I am currently accepting private students; I am available as a clinician or presenter; I offer lessons in a group environment

Contact Information


18530 Green Knoll Trace
Davidson , NC
USA 28036

TEL: 704-654-9104


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