Bulent Guneralp

Style: World; Pop; Opera; Jazz; Folk; Gospel; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre
Title: Baritone, Voice Teacher and Coach, Creator of The Güneralp Vocathletic System


Bülent Güneralp is an award-winning multi-instrumentalist professional singer, a classically trained artist who is at home in diverse genres from opera to American Songbook; voice teacher, coach, educator, vegan vocathlete, creator of the revolutionary The Vocathletic System, and a member of NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing). He developed his surprisingly simple, direct and effective vocal method in his 30 years of practice. It explains the whats, hows and whys of vocal technique in a manner easily understood and immediately put into practice with unequivocal results. Mr. Güneralp has helped singers achieve in their introductory lessons things they have not been able to accomplish even after years of prior vocal training. A litany of superb and enthusiastic reviews speak for themselves. His students come from diverse paths such as classical, opera, musical theater, jazz, pop, R&B, bluegrass, gospel, country, rock, heavy metal and public speaking. He specializes in helping students of all ages and backgrounds discover and express their natural voice in the most efficient way possible, which they can apply to any musical genre or vocal field.

"Everything you are seeking vocally is already in you. And my goal is to help you realize it." - Bülent Güneralp For info, please email or call: GuneralpVoiceStudio@gmail.com / 617-863-7379 / Beginner to professional, all ages and voice types

Detailed information can be found at https://www.bulentguneralp.com/guneralp-voice-studio

Voice Type: Baritone
Music Styles Taught: World; Pop; Opera; Jazz; Folk; Gospel; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre
Availability: I am available as a performer; I have a wait-list for private lessons; I am currently accepting private students; I accept students through a college or university program

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