Ella McGaunn Geiger

Style: Pop; Opera; Jazz; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre


Bio: Ella is passionate about helping clients find their voice. Her approach to teaching combines voice science, acting/storytelling methods, problem solving skills, and confidence-building for greater independence as a singer. Ella double majored in Music and Linguistics and minored in Speech Language Pathology at Gordon College where she was the first to graduate with Departmental Honors in Music. She was awarded this honor for her research into comparative contemporary and classical singing pedagogy culminating in a lecture recital and thesis. She is currently pursuing continuing education in contemporary singing and voice science. Ella is a passionate educator who is continually researching, investigating and using her improvisational skills to help students meet their goals. Additionally, she believes that functional training is necessary for students to flourish. With a primary focus on vocal health, Ella's teaching is flexible for any type of singing. Her favorite styles to sing herself are classical, musical theater and jazz. Her training in Linguistics allows her to coach diction in many languages (with greatest ease in Spanish, Latin, Italian, German and French). Her background in acting and love of analyzing poetry informs her ability to help students sing, present and act honestly and from the heart. Ella's studio is open to all ages and experience levels. She welcomes students with specific learning needs and styles. Whether you are looking for someone to coach you for an upcoming performance, help with vocal fatigue and difficulty or simply to help you carry a tune you can find your place in her studio family.

Voice Type: Soprano

Music Styles Taught: Pop; Opera; Jazz; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre

Availability: I am available as a performer; I am currently accepting private students

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18 Main st
Concord, MA
USA 01754

E-mail: interludemus@gmail.com

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