David Wright

Style: Pop; Opera; Folk; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre

Whatever music you want to sing—any style, any time period—I promise I will teach you to sing it in your very best voice.

My name is David and I look forward to the opportunity to teach you how to sing your best, whatever style it is you want to learn. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Music at Oregon State University, where I learned how to sing classical music well. In addition to that, I have years of experience in rock-and-roll bands, and have learned how to apply the lessons I learned from my classical voice teachers to my career as a (very) minor rock star. That's exactly what I want to help you with: whatever you want to sing, from any period in music history, I know how to teach you to sing with your best voice. Singing is one of the things that makes us all human and I relish the opportunity to help students of all ages and skill levels sing a little bit better each week.

I began singing in high school choir, and quickly added piano and guitar to my repertoire of skills. By the time I began college, it was clear that a life of teaching music was in store for me. While studying music education and vocal performance at Oregon State University, I sang in the OSU Chamber Choir, which toured Arizona in 2005, eastern Europe in 2006, and San Francisco in 2007. After graduation, I worked for two years as a church music director and software tester before making the next move, to St. Louis. I earned a Master of Divinity degree at Covenant Theological Seminary in May 2014, and I plan to be a pastor, musician, and music teacher when all is said and done. While living in St. Louis, I sang and played keyboards at Memorial Presbyterian Church, and currently play piano at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Corvallis.. In my free time, I enjoy the finest coffees, reading fiction, and watching soccer.

Voice Type: Baritone
Music Styles Taught: Pop; Opera; Folk; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre
Availability: I have a wait-list for private lessons

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5005 NW Highland Drive
Corvallis, OR
USA 97330

TEL: 541-740-0104

E-mail: davidrobertwright@me.com
Web: davidwrightvocalstudio.com

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