Barbara Wilson Arboleda

Style: Pop; Folk; Gospel; Rock; Musical Theatre



My teaching philosophy is guided by the core values of passion, curiosity, a sense of humor, and kindness. I believe in building exceptional voices with precision, but without pressure. I do this by providing students with opportunities for experimentation, guided exploration, and accurate and accessible information about how the voice works. A healthy balance between voice science and voice artistry is at the heart of my teaching. Rote adherence to a static set of voice exercises serves no one well. I encourage my students to understand why I am asking them to perform certain voice tasks, not just how. In this way, I am able to build confident, independent singers who have mastery over their vocal future.

I work primarily with contemporary music for people of all ages. The current focus of my studio is helping singers apply variety and texture to their music in ways that support the emotional and story arc of the song. This may be for artists who are recording or performing their own work or for people developing cover songs. Technique is applies as a means to serve these ends. My private studio web site is:

I am a voice-specialized speech-language pathologist and Senior Voice Specialist at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston. Our scheduling office can be reached at 617-632-7400.

I am also a spoken voice entertainer as co-host of the Living Forward podcast, available in most podcast apps and at

Voice Type: Soprano

Music Styles Taught: Pop; Folk; Gospel; Rock; Musical Theatre

Availability: I have a wait-list for private lessons

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