Sommer Garner

Style: Pop; Opera; Folk; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre

Bio: The Purpose: -The purpose of these lessons is to learn vocal principles and techniques which can be applied universally, not to simply learn a series of songs. \n \nThe classroom environment: - All lessons will include vocal warm-ups and preparation exercises. \n- Selection of appropriate repertoire will take place during the lesson time. \n-Voice lessons are taught in an environment that is encouraging, supportive, creative, and sometimes somewhat playful. This is a classical approach to singing, based on the belief that a healthy voice is one that is unforced, natural, and flowing. \n -The ultimate goal of these lessons is to teach the student healthy vocal techniques, rid them of physical tensions that hinder their "true" singing voice, and enhance confidence, creativity, musicality, and performance skills so that the student can enjoy a lifetime of healthy and knowledgeable singing in whatever performance environment they may choose. \n- Pop Style Techniques can be explored as needed. \n- Students will work to develop a musical "ear" for accurate tone/pitch production, and will learn the basics of proper posture, breath control, voice placement/resonance, phonation, and diction. \n- Musicality issues such as basic music theory, phonetics, and simplistic sight-singing exercises will be explored as needed. \n- Expression and performance issues will be addressed. \n \nStudent responsibilities: - Voice lessons are open to beginning voice students, males and females, ages 12 and up. Adults are welcomed and encouraged! \n- Students should come prepared for all lessons. \n This means having practiced their assigned vocal selections for a concentrated 20-30 minutes several times during the week, and having with them their lesson fee, all music books, completed homework assignments, a pencil, a water bottle, and a small notepad to write down new assignments. \n- Voice students should come to the lessons with a positive attitude, an open mind, and dressed comfortably enough to move and breathe. Some vocal/physical exercises will include lying on the floor, sitting, kneeling, squatting, etc... \n- Since much of learning to sing is based on muscle memory, students are expected to attend their lessons on a regular and consistent basis in order to improve their technique. \n-Students are ultimately responsible for practicing with an accompanist and acquiring their own practice tracks. \n \nAbout the teacher: -Sommer Michelle Garner graduated Summa Cum Laude from East Stroudsburg University of Pennsylvania where she earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts/Music. During her senior year she was awarded the opportunity to teach other college students through the university's music department. After college, she was a Resident Artist with the Central Florida Lyric Opera and performed with MusicLive (both located in Orlando, Fl.). She was a regular soloist/ensemble singer for the televised evangelical church service at The Church on the Square in The Villages, Fl. She has been active in the community in theatre and musical productions; has performed extensively for many churches, weddings, and Christian organizations; and recently was the mezzo soloist for the Messiah Association of Winter Haven. Sommer is a member of The National Association of Teacher's of Singing (NATS); has completed the Total Singer Workshop studying pop styles of singing; and is certified in YogaSing, which she teaches at The Lyric's OperaCamp in Baltimore and incorporates into her private studio voice lessons. Sommer has been teaching voice since 2002 and considers teaching others to sing her primary passion in life.

Voice Type: Mezzo-soprano

Music Styles Taught: Pop; Opera; Folk; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre

Availability: I am currently accepting private students

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