Sonny Rios

Style: World; Pop; Opera; Jazz; Folk; Gospel; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre


Title: Voice Instructor of The Sonny Rios Voice Studio



ARE YOU INTERESTED IN PURSUING A SINGING CAREER OR JUST SINGING FOR YOUR OWN PERSONAL ENJOYMENT? Then let Sonny Ríos, with his expertise, help you accomplish your goal. Ríos has compiled years of experience as a concert artist with WORLD CONCERTS and as a private vocal coach/instructor to arrive at some helpful "technique tips" that will help you become the singer that you hope to be, be it as a classical singer or otherwise. Problems which singers face are dealt with and helped through private vocal instruction (private voice lessons). Here your voice is evaluated, and you will be given expert advice as to proper voice classification, proper vocal production--that will aid in avoiding vocal cord nodules because of poor phonation--as well as music selection and style that is best suited for your voice. Both children and adults, whether advanced or beginners, will benefit from Ríos's expertise. \n \n \nHELPFUL INSTRUCTION WILL ALSO BE GIVEN ON THE FOLLOWING: \n \n+ Tone placement. \n+ Vowel modification (most important for correct singing). \n+ How to sing the "hard to sing" vowels: ee and oo. \n+ How to correctly sing the diphthongs: A,I,O,U and triphthong Y. \n+ Impingement of the vowels on the palate. \n+ Proper breathing. \n+ Breath control. \n+ How to improve your vocal range and flexibility. \n+ Dealing with the "tremolo." \n+ Projection. \n+ Diction. \n+ Intonation. \n+ Vocal attack. \n+ The head voice. \n+ How to develop the falsetto voice. \n+ How to deal with "il passaggio" (sometimes called the "lift" or "break"). \n+ How to correctly pronounce and sing in other languages. \n+ Develop confidence in singing. \n+ Care of the voice. \n+ And much, much more! \n \n Ríos will also offer expert advice on how to improve your audition skills, how to use a microphone, how to have a better stage presence, and how to gain contacts that will help further your career. You will also be kept abreast on auditions, their locations and dates. Plus, you will be given names of recording studios best suited for your needs (vocally and financially), as well as talent agents. \n \nA FEW FACTS ABOUT SONNY RIOS: \n Ríos attended South Plains College where he studied voice with the renown voice teacher Harley Bulls, and is a graduate of the University of North Texas where he studied with the renown Metropolitan Opera tenor, Eugene Conley, and the renown interpreter of comic opera, Edward Baird. \n Ríos has traveled extensively as a sacred and classical concert artist with World Concerts. Ríos has sung across the USA, including Alaska and Puerto Rico, Canada, and at least twenty-five countries in Europe and Central- and South America. \n Ríos's expertise in teaching vocal production is constantly being sought by recording studios and talent agents seeking vocal help for their clients. Thus, we find students coming from all over the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex, the state of Texas, and surrounding states, and as far away as New York, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Colorado Springs, and the likes, to study with Mr. Ríos. \n Ríos has also served on the panel of judges for vocal competitions and talent searches sponsored by radio stations, such as KISS-FM, and schools, such as Booker T. Washington Arts Magnate. \n \nTHE METHOD TAUGHT: The method taught is the one from the "Scola di Belcanto," also spelled "bel canto" (School of Beautiful Singing) from Italy. This is a method that emphasizes a natural way of singing rather than a fabricated, unnatural one. Through proper vowel modification, correct tone impingement on the palate--according to the vowel and pitch being sung--coupled with proper breath support, the student's natural voice should eventually acquire a beauty of its own. This will come sooner with some students than with others. But with time all students will experience a change in the voice for the better. \n \nThe SRVS showcases its students three times a year: Spring concert, Fall concert, and a Christmas show. People from near and far, including talent agents, are always in attendance.

Voice Type: Tenor

Music Styles Taught: World; Pop; Opera; Jazz; Folk; Gospel; Rock; Classical; Musical Theatre

Availability: I have a wait-list for private lessons; I am currently accepting private students; I am available as a clinician or presenter; I offer lessons in a group environment

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The Sonny Rios Voice Studio, 550 N Main, Ste 204
Duncanville, TX
USA 75116

TEL: 214.394.8511


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