Christina White

Style: World; Pop; Jazz; Folk; Gospel; Classical; Musical Theatre


Title: Owner, Air & Ink Studio


Guiding the curious explorer on their artistic journey, uncovering their creative voice while developing a solid foundation for further growth.

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My Philosophy I explore patterns and interactions in everything I do. I explore the interactions of a voice student’s breath and body with the music they want to sing. In the art world, I combine pen & ink, colored pencil, pastels, and watercolor in various ways. Abstract drawing provides a launchpad for my imagination, and Zentangle®’s message of gratitude and appreciation without judgment allows me the freedom to experiment. This message threads its way through all of my creative endeavors and underpins my teaching philosophy.

I encourage my students to enjoy the process and the journey as much as the outcome. We experiment with different techniques to see what works best for the style of music they want to sing, their bodies, and how they process information. In my art classes, I ask my students to quiet their inner critic while we work with a variety of ways to embellish and customize the lesson’s patterns and ideas. I create a judgement-free, playful zone so students can take time and learn what they need to learn at their own pace.

Everything I teach is rooted in science. Zentangle® draws from mindfulness and flow – there’s brain science in that art! My voice teaching is rooted in the latest voice science and acoustic vocal pedagogy. Part of my job is to translate these ideas into something concrete that a student of any age can understand and use.

My artistic journey leads me through a series of creative deep dives, allowing me to explore various subjects and ideas from many different angles. In music and art, I also lead my students on their own creative deep dives to uncover talents and develop skills.

My Music Background I have been singing and performing since my early teens. After performing professionally for ten years, I started my voice studio in 2007.

My unique background helps me train successful singers. A proud geek, I hold a Bachelor of Science degree from Worcester Polytechnic Institute. My science and engineering training help me understand the science of singing. My performance career and choral directing background taught me the more ethereal aspects of vocal performance, allowing me to express them to my students more effectively. I blend artistry, experience, and science to help my students uncover their best singer.

I also enjoy arranging and composition, and specialized in these areas when I studied at Berklee College of Music. My arrangements have been performed throughout the New England region by choirs and small singing groups.

Voice Type: Soprano

Music Styles Taught: World; Pop; Jazz; Folk; Gospel; Classical; Musical Theatre

Availability: I am available as a performer; I am currently accepting private students; I am available as a clinician or presenter; I offer lessons in a group environment

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