NATS Copyright Policy

NATS encourages its members, their students, accompanists and the general population to become educated about, and to comply with, all applicable copyright laws. Reproduction of a copyrighted work constitutes copyright infringement unless a license to reproduce such work has been obtained, the use is considered fair use, the work is in the public domain, or a valid exception to copyright infringement exists.

NATS requires students, teachers and other participants in NATS affiliated events, auditions and competitions to affirm compliance with the NATS Copyright Policy, and to use only authorized reproductions of copyrighted works.

Copyright Resources

NATS has unwavering support for the importance of compliance with copyright laws, and the support of our colleagues whose creative works sustain a vibrant and living art form. Please refer to our Copyright Resources page for more information on copyright laws. This resource page is part of our effort to educate and promote copyright compliance among all constituencies within NATS and the general public.