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Gifts to GivingTuesday help deserving students follow their passion.

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Most teachers of singing have experienced a student who comes to them with the passion and the talent to pursue singing in a rigorous way but can’t afford training with a professional. It’s part of the inequity in our society.

The National Association of Teachers of Singing is made up of people who know how to bring out the best in singers. As an organization dedicated to inclusion, access to the arts, and equity, NATS is in a unique position to make a difference for young people who want to sing.

This is why NATS has created the "Keep Our Students Singing" campaign for GivingTuesday.

“A welcoming and supportive community does not limit membership to people of means,” said Diana Allan, NATS President. “We owe it to our profession, our principles, and our society to make sure that arts education is available regardless of ability to pay. This is a step in that direction.”

GivingTuesday, this year on November 28, is a movement that encourages collaboration and innovation to catalyze generosity, empathy, equity, and justice. "Keep Our Students Singing" supports financial aid for students of NATS members including funding for private lessons and participation in National Student Auditions at the chapter, region, and national levels.

The campaign is NATS chapter and region based and is designed to help students local to the NATS members who are raising funds.

Please join us

When you make a donation to "Keep Our Students Singing," you know that you are supporting an organization capable of providing transformational experiences for young singers. You are giving money close to the solution to an organization that already has infrastructure in place, and so does not need to divert your gift to overhead. And since we know that singing is joyful for the performer and the listener, you are creating greater happiness in the world.

The link below allows you to give to the national scholarship fund or to designate a chapter or region scholarship fund of your choice by entering that fund in the text box provided.

NATS Vocal Arts Scholarships