2010 NATSAA Winners Announced


The NATS Artist Award Competition came to its conclusion on July 2, 2010 with the finals held at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT in conjunction with the National Conference.  The semifinals were held on July 1, from 2:00-8:30 p.m. with 14 singers competing for the chance to sing in the finals.

Judges for the semifinals were: Florence Birdwell, Earl Coleman, Lynn Eustis, Wendy Hillhouse, and Marvin Keenze.  They chose 6 finalists to sing the following evening.  The judges for the finals were:  Carol Kimball, Stephen King, Gayletha Nichols, Martha Randall, and George Shirley.

The pianists for the competition were: Brandon Lee, Russell Young, Rosemary Hyler, Andrew Adams, Joy Schreier, Claire Mallory, Jay Rozendaal, Kristin Eliason, and Jennifer Zaccagni.


  • Thomas Florio, GREAT LAKES was the First prize winner garnering $10,000 in cash and prizes including $5000 in cash, a $2500 Winner’s recital at the 2012 National Conference in Orlando, $2500 towards personal expenses for a NY Solo Recital Debut sponsored by Distinguished Concerts International New York and a full tuition scholarship to AIMS at Graz.  Florio is a student of Brian Horne at Indiana University.
  • Laura Choi Stuart, AT-LARGE won the Second prize of $4000 in cash and a $2000 Scholarship to attend AIMS at Graz.
  • Laura Strickling, MID-ATLANTIC won 3rd place and the Irma Cooper Award of $2500.
  • Kristi Corie, SOUTHERN won 4th place and the Mary Wolfman Award of $1800.
  • Victoria Browers, EASTERN won 5th place and the Berton Coffin Award of $1500.
  • Brianna Craw, CALWESTERN won 6th place and The Louis T. Nicholas Award of $1200.

Each of the remaining semifinalists were awarded a named prize of $1000 and a scholarship to AIMS at Graz.

  • Christopher Mitchell, MID-SOUTH received the Karl Trump award.
  • Lisa Elaine Owens, TEXOMA received the Irvin Bushman Award.
  • Jeni Houser, WEST CENTRAL received the William Vennard Award.
  • Teresa Winner Blume, NEW ENGLAND received the Robert and Ruth Grooters Award.
  • Leann Schuering, CENTRAL received the Bernard Taylor Award.
  • Holly Boaz, NORTHWESTERN received the Lee Cass Award.
  • Caitlin Cisler, NORTH CENTRAL received the Todd Duncan Award.
  • Adam Kirkpatrick, SOUTHEASTERN received the Annemarie Gerts Award.

An additional prize was given for the first time this year. Hal Leonard Corporation offered gift certificates for music from the Hal Leonard Corporation. These were  $500 for the Second place winner and $1000 for First place. Richard Walters from Hal Leonard presented these new awards.