2015 National Student Auditions

Semifinalists By Category


Congratulations to the YouTube round participants who have been selected to advance to the on-site national semifinal round at the 2015 National Student Auditions in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Each of the YouTube round judges did take the time to provide comments on each audition. To access these comments, participants should log on to their NATS account (with Username and Password). From the "Member Home" page, click to "View" the application. Comments will be listed toward the bottom.

The semifinal and final round of this competition will be held on July 7 at UNC-Greensboro. Semifinal rounds will begin no later than 9 a.m., with registration opening no later than 8 a.m. The final round will take place the evening of July 7. Further details including the exact time and place of your audition will be communicated soon VIA EMAIL to all the winners of the online round. 

For information on the 2015 Summer Workshop, please visit the NATS Summer Workshop webpage.

Below is a complete list of the singers selected to participate in the live semifinal round:

Category I - High School Music Theater Men

First Name Last Name Region
Andrew Bonomolo Mid-Atlantic
Luke Dooley Northwestern
William Bradley Fielding Mid-Atlantic
Benedict Hensley New England
Joshua Horst North Central
Chris Hutton West Central
Luis Ibarra Southeastern
Alex Kosick Eastern
Niko Mancera Cal-Western
Michael Perez Mid-Atlantic
Leo Plante North Central
DaShawn Williams Texoma
Garrett Wilson Mid-Atlantic
Austin Zhuang Cal-Western

Category II - High School Music Theater Women

First Name Last Name Region
Macey Arrington Southern
Kira Arrington Mid-Atlantic
Phoebe Bawmann West Central
Laura Bright Mid-Atlantic
Katie Glasgow Eastern
Claire Griffin Mid-Atlantic
Sarah Heylmun Central
Lee Metaxa Texoma
Morgan Montgomery Texoma
MarShae Morris Texoma
Caitlin Palmisano Central
Janna Sokolow New England
Abbie Weinel Mid-Atlantic
Rachel Williams North Central

Category III - High School Men

First Name Last Name Region
Erik Belz North Central
William Bradley Fielding Mid-Atlantic
Mark Garrepy New England
Ricky Goodwyn, Jr. Mid-Atlantic
James Hoskins Mid-South
Niko Mancera Cal-Western
Grayson Milholin Mid-Atlantic
Benjamin Morrow West Central
Thomas O'Neill Mid-Atlantic
Krishna Raman Eastern
Christopher Short Mid-Atlantic
Hayden Smith Mid-South
Drew Sprague Eastern
Fredrick Thompson Southeastern

Category IV - High School Women

First Name Last Name Region
Bonnie Blackwell Mid-Atlantic
Madison Fitzpatrick New England
Anna Ginther North Central
Katie Glasgow Eastern
Lydia Grahm Mid-South
Claire Griffin Mid-Atlantic
Megan Hull Eastern
Mya Ison Mid-Atlantic
Anna Lee Southeastern
Katie Malone Mid-Atlantic
Abigail Miles Northwestern
Charley Anne Roper Mid-Atlantic
Emeline Rose Texoma
Lindsay Whisler Central

Category V - College/Private Music Theater Men

First Name Last Name Region
Kevin Beckam, II Southeastern
Matthew Billman Cal-Western
Aaron Bravo Texoma
Jeremy Brown West Central
Matthew Tyler Cook Southeastern
Wesley Diener Mid-Atlantic
Zachary Futch Southeastern
Joseph Grosso Southeastern
Nole Jones Southeastern
Noah Lindquist West Central
Logan Moore Central
Nicholas Prior West Central
Craig Smith Mid-Atlantic
John Wixted Mid-Atlantic

Category VI - College/Private Music Theater Women

First Name Last Name Region
Amanda Anderson Southeastern
M. Sawyer Branham Southeastern
Sharayah Bunce North Central
Gina Carlson Central
Emma Foroutan Texoma
Gabrielle Fuqua Southeastern
Angela Gilbert West Central
Unita Harris Southeastern
Meredith Jones Mid-Atlantic
Mary-Ellen Norwood Southeastern
Lauren Salazar Texoma
Jacqueline Savageau New England
Kelsey Seals Southeastern
Sarah Williams Southeastern

Category VII - Lower College/Private Men 

First Name Last Name Region
Blake Beckemeyer Great Lakes
Tyrez Dabbs Mid-Atlantic
Logan Dell'Acqua Great Lakes
Wesley Diener Mid-Atlantic
Matthew Feinberg New England
Zachary Futch Southeastern
Andrew Garrepy New England
Jared Jones Southeastern
O'Neil Jones Southern
Logan Kenison Mid-Atlantic
Timothy Kirby Central
Ryan LeGrand Northwestern
Daniel Satter New England
Thomas Stoysich West Central

Category VIII - Lower College/Private Women

First Name Last Name Region
Gabrielle Barkidjija Central
Shannon Barry Great Lakes
Caroline Bosworth Mid-Atlantic
Angeliz Bula Southeastern
Francesca Dawis Cal-Western
Kathleen Johnson West Central
Mary Kettlewell Central
Jennifer Kreider Eastern
Jin Lee Southeastern
Katherine Leidlein Texoma
Kelsey Lewis Eastern
Julie Moore Texoma
Kathleen O'Mara Eastern
Anja Pustaver North Central
Lindsay Webber Texoma

Category IX - Upper College/Private Men

First Name Last Name Region
Hunter Aldridge Mid-Atlantic
Matthew Billman Cal-Western
Fredric Bond Eastern
Jacob Engel North Central
Deon'te Goodman Mid-Atlantic
Dylan Harrison Mid-South
Christopher Hochstuhl Eastern
Stephen McCluskey Southeastern
Vincent McPherson Central
Joseph Rivers Mid-South
Austin Sanders North Central
Benjamin Vollentine Southern
Terriq White Mid-Atlantic
Samuel Witmer Great Lakes

Category X - Upper College/Private Women

First Name Last Name Region
Kate Doriot Southeastern
Victoria Erickson North Central
Audra Fuchsel North Central
Moretta Irchirl Texoma
Katelyn Johnson Southeastern
Kassiani Kontothanasis New England
Vanessa Martucci Cal-Western
Jennifer Mayer Northwestern
Carol Anne Osborne Southeastern
Kaileigh Riess Central
Lauren Rosas Eastern
Catherine Sandstedt Central
Janell Stallard Texoma
Carly Wingfield Mid-South

Category XI - Graduate/Advanced Men 

First Name Last Name Region
Christopher Blair Cal-Western
Travis Bregier North Central
Gabriel Curl Mid-Atlantic
Jesse Melson Texoma
David Sanchez Central
Ryan White West Central

Category XII - Graduate/Advanced Women

First Name Last Name Region
Ashlee Bickley Great Lakes
Shari Feldman Eastern
Ahyoung Jeong New England
Desiree Johnson Great Lakes
Stephanie Lange Mid-Atlantic
Julie Lenz Cal-Western
Jessica Lynn Mid-Atlantic
Julia Metry Southeastern
Ashley Mispagel North Central
Therese Pircon Mid-Atlantic
Georgia Smith Mid-Atlantic
Grace Svatek Eastern
Julie Trammel Southeastern
Karolina Wojteczko New England