Live Blog 2015 NATS Intern Program Bulletin Board


2015 NATS Intern Program Bulletin Board

Included on this page is a digital bulletin board, or live feed message board, available to participants in the 2015 NATS Intern Program. Feel free to introduce yourself to other interns, share travel arrangements, dinner plans, or exchange any other important information.

To Use:

1- Log in using your Twitter or Facebook accounts, OR by using your g-mail, yahoo or AOL e-mail accounts under the OpenID option. No personal information from those accounts will be shared in the forum - only your profile photo for display purposes. This is a protection mechanism put in place to ensure that only real people post in the forum AND that no unsolicited comments are allowed.

2 - Post away! No moderation is required once you are logged in to the system.

3 - Be sure to include the hasgtag #NATSintern in your social media posts leading up and during your time in Las Vegas, and those messages will be automatically posted in the forum also.

Questions? Contact Amanda Wood at 904-992-9101 or by e-mail at .