Chicago 2022



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Time: These workshops will take place Friday, July 1 from noon to 4 p.m. CT.

Cost: $60 per premium workshop

Note: If you wish to register for more than one workshop, you may attend one workshop live and have permanent access to any others through your Live Learning Center account.

Demystifying Hip Hop: Cultural relevance, pedagogical tools and authentic performance practices in the voice studio

Hip-hop’s influence in contemporary music is far-reaching, transformative and here to stay. Understanding the historical importance of hip-hop in popular culture and creative expression, once an underground scene, is now today’s pop music. You’ll have a fun and fascinating experience, experimenting with the stylistic and technical nuances of this genre through lecture, group participation, critical listening, masterclass and performance practices.


  • Melissa Foster, associate professor of instruction, department of theatre, Northwestern University
  • Typhanie Monique Coller, coordinator of vocal studies, and practitioner-in-residence, Columbia College Chicago

Expanding the Canon in Art Song Literature

While many individual efforts at decolonizing and decentering whiteness in art song have been ongoing, it is past time for a broader revolution that permeates the education of every singer and collaborative pianist. Colleagues will introduce us to new common syllabi, course constructs, and resources to transform art song literature courses and ensure that all voices are represented and that all students see themselves represented in the works discussed. A must for anyone teaching art song literature at the collegiate level and others interested in current thought on this topic.


  • Sonya Baker
  • Katherine Jolly
  • Kathleen Kelly

Teaching Voice Pedagogy in the Classroom: Toward a Common Core Curriculum of Science-Informed Knowledge

Join us as we culminate years of discussion into an actionable agenda for re-alignment and sequencing of voice pedagogy content in order to better serve and prepare future teachers as they move through the voice pedagogy curriculum. After two summits and a journal article, it is time to move from concept to action. This workshop will introduce: the new constructs, resources, and common syllabi developed as guiding models for the future; create strong cases for everyone to use in curriculum reform efforts locally; introduce a support network to support regular revision over time; and promote portability as students move from degree to degree and among institutions. A must for anyone teaching voice pedagogy at the collegiate level and others interested in current thought on this topic.


  • Lynn Helding, professor of vocal arts and opera, coordinator, vocology and voice pedagogy, University of Southern California Thornton School of Music
  • John Nix, professor of voice and voice pedagogy, University of Texas/San Antonio

Building Musical Foundations for the Young Singer
Vocal Pedagogy for singers 5 to 15 years

This workshop offers insight and pedagogy for establishing foundational singing skills for young beginner singers. The presentation will address teaching the pre-pubescent singer, including the pedagogical science and research of the developing child voice, cultivated curriculums, and engaging teaching strategies. Moving through the developmental stages, the second half of the presentation will cover assessing the stages of adolescent voice change and tailoring teaching methods to suit the vocal range and quality. Participants will acquire practical take-home strategies and will understand how to deliver an organized teaching method grounded in rigorous scientific accountability.


  • Dana Lentini
  • Nikki Loney
  • Jenevora Williams

Reboot Your Social Media Strategy for Voice Teachers and Artists

Social media expert Karen Michaels along with special guest and singer-songwriter-teacher Jessica Baldwin will share top social media strategies for voice teachers and live performance artists. From choosing which platform(s) are best for you, to writing social media copy, creating graphics in Canva, short-form video strategies and how-tos, scheduling systems, along with tips and hacks, you will learn how to make your marketing stand out above the rest. Included is a digital workbook for taking notes, step-by-step tutorials, and someone will win the Social Butterfly Planner for 2022!


  • Karen Merstik Michaels
  • Jessica Baldwin