So You Want to Sing Music Theater:
A Guide for Professionals

By Karen Hall 

Cover_Karen-Hall_WEB_250px.jpgThe first in a new series and developed in coordination with the National Association for Teachers of Singing, So You Want to Sing Music Theater: A Guide for Professionals fills an important gap in the instructional literature for those who sing or teach singing to those seeking their fortunes in music theatrical productions. It includes

  • A brief history of music theater
  • The basics of vocal science and anatomy
  • Information on vocal and bodily health and maintenance, from diet to exercise to healing techniques
  • Advice on teaching music theater to others, with focuses on breath, posture, registers, range, and tone quality
  • Repertoire recommendations for voice and singing types, from female and male belting to classical and contemporary styles
  • A survey of music theater styles, such as folk, country, rock, gospel, rhythm and blues, jazz, and pop
  • Insights on working with other music theater stakeholders
  • Advice on working with and without amplification or microphones, auditioning tips, and casting challenges

Karen Hall, soprano, is a voice teacher, author, editor, and researcher. A versatile performer, Dr. Hall is a five-time Metropolitan Opera Regional Finalist and has been recognized by the College Music Society, the National Association of Teachers of Singing, and the Voice Symposium for her research on music theater singing.

Series: So You Want to Sing
Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
May 2014 • 144 pages
978-0-8108-8838-8 • $35.00 (£21.95) • Paper
978-0-8108-8839-5 • $34.99 (£21.95) • eBook


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