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April Showers Bring May Flowers (and Allergies)!

April 16th is called World Voice Day!!! A day where we celebrate all things voice! It happens to be on Easter Sunday this year, when many of you will be singing in some capacity. There are a lot of World Voice Day events from concerts to free laryngeal imaging. Here is a link to all the World Voice Day Events for 2017 -

Most of us have the blessing of using our voices in a normal (or extraordinary) capacity both in speaking and singing. Can you imagine your life without the ability to speak at all? Approximately 2.5 million Americans are so severely speech-impaired that they must rely on speech generating devices. In the spirit of giving back to others, there is a way that you can help those who have either lost the ability to speak/sing called “voice banking.” It is simple, free for you to do (other than your time), and provides the “gift” of voice for someone who has lost theirs. In the spirit of giving voice to others, consider sharing your time and most precious talent with another.

Here is additional information on how it works and what to do:
The Human Voicebank
Celebrating the diversity of human voices around the world

Donate Your Voice to Charity
A speech scientist has created a human voice bank to build personalized sounds for people who rely on computers to communicate.

Everything you need to know about donating your voice: Why you should help The Human Voicebank Initiative
Rupal Patel shares how she is making synthetic voices as unique as fingerprints. Here, how you can help.

Happy World Voice Day!!
~Dr. Wendy

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