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NATS Mentoring Program for Composers

Composers of vocal music (especially art song but also opera) are encouraged to apply for a new mentoring program. 10 selected composers will be paired with a mentor for a period of roughly 8 months, from October 15 – June 1.  The mentoring is projected to involve one-to-one online contact approximately once a month. Depending on the schedule of the mentors, the needs of the mentees, and the interests of both parties, the mentors might critique short works, give general counsel about writing for voice, offer advice about resources, point the mentees toward appropriate performers and presenters, give information about recording and publishing opportunities, and just generally be a sounding board for any questions the mentees  might have.  At the end of a year, it is hoped that the mentees might have some of their works presented by NATS, either on the web, or as part of regional or national NATS events.  There is no cost for this program and no application fee.  There are no age or stylistic limitations.

As a special feature of the program this year, the Cincinnati Song Initiative will commission a song from each of the composer mentees. These songs will be produced in a video recording and premiered as CSI’s season finale in May 2021.




To apply, please enter a short biography (200 words), a composer’s statement (150 words), and two short work samples ( upload as PDFs and also as sound files). The composer’s statement should indicate your experience with vocal music, and why this program would be helpful to you.

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