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LeagueAires Choral Director - MacPhail Center for Music

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province: Minneapolis , MN
Position: LeagueAires Choral Director
Deadline: March 25, 2016
Posted: March 15, 2016

Job Description / Duties

TITLE: LeagueAires Choral Director
REPORTS TO: MacPhail Music for Life (MMFL) Manager
STATUS: Exempt; part-time (approximately 240 hours annually)

This position serves as choral director for the LeagueAires choir, a partnership between MacPhail Center for Music and LeagueAires. The mission of LeagueAires is to bring the joy and healing power of music to older adults and to those with special needs.

• Conduct 18 rehearsals September through February. Monday rehearsals shall be from 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 noon. (45 Hours)
• Conduct additional rehearsals, new member auditions, soloist auditions and associated additional rehearsals; meet with and manage artistic personnel (pianists, choreographers, section leaders, librarian). (26 Hours)
• During trouping season: attend and review up to 3 performances in January; lead a February “brush-up” rehearsal; attend 1 performance first week in March; attend annual MacPhail performance in late March; also attend 1 performance first week in April, the annual Community Performance, and 1 JLM performance. (23 hours)
• Research, review, and select repertoire—independently and with music committee. (20 Hours)
• Prepare plans and documents for the rehearsal season (including but not limited to: conducting, editing, writing a rehearsal syllabus, engaging in-service presenters, and finalizing rosters and group placements). (35 Hours)
• Basic arranging, re-scoring of repertoire. (16 Hours)
• Produce, edit, and assemble master CD recordings of program repertoire for each voice (SSA). (16 Hours)
• Correspond and communicate with LeagueAires Board and members. (35 Hours)
• Attend LeagueAires Board meetings as needed; meet with LeagueAires Chair as needed. (24 Hours)

Qualifications / Required Skills

Education: Masters of Music or Music Education preferred; Bachelor’s Degree of Music or Music Education required

Knowledge: Knowledge of choral repertoire in a wide variety of styles and genres

Experience: 5 years of choral conducting experience; experience working in community choir settings

Skills: Excellent choral conducting skills; passion for working with adults; the ability to be organized, efficient, and to attend to detail

Additional Information

Physical Demands: Occasional lifting (approx. 10 lbs); frequent standing; occasional walking, climbing, descending stairs, stooping, bending, kneeling

Contact Information

To apply: please send resume to

Employer Profile

MacPhail Center for Music is a community resource providing exceptional music instruction for individuals, groups, and ensembles as well as partnerships with schools and arts organizations enabling MacPhail to transform the lives of people of all ages, in the greater Twin Cities area and beyond. MacPhail has been an integral and central foundation of lifelong learning in the Twin Cities and greater Minnesota for over 105 years.