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Applied Voice Teacher - Singing Lessons San Diego

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province (or you can select Remote): San Diego, CA
Position: Applied Voice Teacher
Deadline: March 6, 2023
Posted: February 8, 2023

Job Description / Duties

First, you won't be doing admin work. We have that already and we want you to not burn yourself out w that tedious stuff we all kinda hate.

You’ll be giving voice lessons to adults (mostly). Some are pro-track (we get a lot of singer-songwriters in SD) and some are hobbyist or even take lessons to work on how they feel about taking ip sonic space in their lives.

We’re super adamant about people using no negative reinforcement such as belittling or telling ppl they’re bad under the guise of “honesty”. Proponents of positive reinforcement and having happy moments with clients are really welcome!

You’ll be working independently in a nice and spacious private studio with a Kawaii e-piano, 2 air filters, a covid screen, and an immense mirror. There’s a bookshelf if you want to stash any materials. You’ll have admin support.

Qualifications / Required Skills

First, we are looking for someone already in the vicinity of the San Diego who doesn’t mind commuting to Normal Heights (92116) for in person sessions. We can fill your schedule as full as you want, although it’ll take time to build that.

We usually don’t hire unless a teacher has an advanced pedagogical degree, but we may be flexible for the right candidate.

You should know how to play piano. Chord notation AND ‘dots on a page’ methods is optimal but if you can do one or the other, we’d be super excited!

Our studio is made up of LGBTQIAA+ ppl as well as neuro-diverse ppl. We’re an equal opportunity employer and I will literally hire anyone if they’re sweet people, get results, and the test clients like them.

Additional Information

The offer is $55-58/hr on a W2 to start.

For all employees:
Paid vacation, paid holidays, and sick leave
Free session with any other teacher in the studio

For full-time teachers (32 hrs/wk avg):
* student loan repayment up to $437/mo
* medical insurance up to $700/mo

For all new teachers, we offer free 4 private Alexander Technique (AT) sessions for which you’ll be paid to attend. We want the breathing to be influence by AT. We sometimes offer free piano which we pay you to attend) if the teacher’s piano skills aren’t as awesome as might be desirable. If you want to work with our trans clients, for whom we have a program, we can get you free 1:1 sessions with the head of our program Dr Felix and pay you for that training. Dr F is one of the foremost researchers on trans voice.


Salary: $91.5-96.5

Contact Information

Employer Profile

Hey y’all!

I’m Ellie the owner of Voice Studios of Eleonor England, dba Singing Lessons San Diego.

We’re a small, boutique type studio with the main studio in midtown Manhattan. I’m a bit of a labour activist and as such, it’s really important to me that we treat all employees with respect and fairness. My idea for the studio was what if we had a studio that would pay us on a W2 and offer some sort of stability for those of us teaching including medical insurance and other things, while offering the students some of the best, most positive vocal training available.

We can do this only by paying well and offering medical insurance and student loan payments. We do require a pedagogical degree but if you come full time eventually (32 hrs/wk), we can offer up to $437/mo student loan payment. We will also medical insurance you.