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Applied Voice Teacher $83,000-91,500 if full time - Voice Studios of Eleonor England - San Diego

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province (or you can select Remote): San Diego , CA
Position: Applied Voice Teacher $83,000-91,500 if full time
Deadline: May 30, 2024
Posted: April 25, 2024

Job Description / Duties

Hey everyone, we’re a small studio offering serious teachers benefits and continuing education. We're looking for an amazing human being who can connect to others through singing! I hope you’re having a great day - here’s our requirements/description:

We have an opening for a wonderful person with a vocal pedagogy graduate degree (or wants to have us pay for one) in Midtown San Diego (92116)! Our students are mostly 20-40 yrs of age and doing contemporary material such as pop, rock, etc

Our studio is a team of some of the most highly qualified teachers in NYC - with a smaller studio in SD. We have a mentoring program for teachers with supplemental instruction available, if needed, in vocal pedagogy, piano, voice, music production, and songwriting. If we ask you to take these sessions, you will be paid for your time in the sessions.

If we pay for your masters, we will not pay you to attend, but will pay your tuition if you make hours available to us up to 32 hrs a week, including Saturday and some nights and a minimum time commitment after graduation.

We are a W2 employer and invest in our employees in the hopes of forming ltr’s. We know teachers aren’t inter-changeable cogs in the machine.

Paid time off for full- or part-time employees including:
* Paid sick leave
* Paid vacation
* Paid holidays off when they fall on your teaching days.

Other benefits if we can get you into fulltime include:
* Medical Insurance or Student Loan payments
* Paid vacation doubles at 5 years seniority
* Free vocal, music production, songwriting, or vocal pedagogy lessons weekly

All new teachers receive 4 Alexander Technique sessions as part of their first month (these we pay you to attend)

Qualifications / Required Skills

We're looking for a Masters or higher in vocal pedagogy (or a desire to have one), that is not a part of a performance/pedagogy degree. In other words pedagogy as a single study at the masters or higher level.

If we cannot find someone with this degree in SD, or if we find someone who's amazing that doesn't have it, we can also pay for a masters in vocal pedagogy with the online program starting in November.

You must be able to play piano while you teach using chord charts and melody line. Classical notation is also acceptable.

Salary: $83,000 - $91,500 based on full time (32 hrs/wk)

Contact Information

Please send a TEACHING resume and a cover letter highlighting your teaching skills and experience. We're not necessarily looking for a super accomplished performer, but rather the best teacher we can find. Please have some experience teaching voice 1:1 if you don't have our degree.