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Artistic Director - Saratoga Voices

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province (or you can select Remote): Saratoga Springs, NY, NY
Position: Artistic Director
Deadline: March 5, 2023
Posted: February 23, 2023

Job Description / Duties


Performance Functions

  • Play a leading role in the artistic and financial health and growth of the chorus in accordance with the chorus's mission, vision, and operating budget.
  • Research music and design programming that is both challenging and appropriate to the artistic goals of the organization. Maintain and further the artistry and professionalism of the organization.
  • Possess a broad knowledge of vocal repertoire and genres (masterworks, musical theater, opera, popular music, jazz, music from other cultures and traditions).
  • Organize an annual performance schedule including four main concerts and the option of one or more community outreach performances. Possess the ability to learn the local market, demands, and interests, as well as thinking creatively, innovatively, and strategically in order to craft performances that are engaging, passionate, diverse, and accessible.
  • Design each concert performance, including theme development and integration of guest artists, ensembles, soloists, instrumentalists, and visual elements as needed. 
  • Attract, educate, inspire, retain, and conduct the chorus membership in regular weekly rehearsals, concert performances and any outreach activities. Attract younger singers and bridge generational/cultural/political gaps through musical diversity and importance.
  • Schedule and evaluate returning and/or new singers in vocal placement interviews or auditions. Provide feedback, vocal assignment, and record-keeping to individual and Saratoga Voices.
  • Communicate and consult regularly with the rehearsal accompanist.
  • Select professional vocal soloists and arbitrate contract terms and conditions. Soloists shall be secured at least 10 weeks prior to performance. Coach and prepare soloists and smaller groups of singers.
  • Teach vocal technique, the vocal mechanism, production, pedagogy, artistry, and ensemble skills as  a regular occurrence in the rehearsals. Teach master classes on vocal technique as requested up to four times a year.
  • Decide on orchestral instrumentation and secure instrumentalists, working with a contractor if necessary, and operating within the  terms of professional organizations or executing proper documentation of any re-negotiation.
  • Procure and annotate music and oversee the rearrangement, rewrite, transcription, or composition of the music for all music performers, amateur and professional, adhering to copyright standards (i.e. ASCAP, royalties, permissions, etc.).

Administrative Functions

  • Propose a three year artistic plan that includes music to be performed and potential venues for hosting the performances.
  • Work with the Board of Directors to establish an operating plan and budget to execute the three year artistic vision.
  • Serve as ex officio member and actively participate in meetings of the Board of Directors, committees as requested, season and budget planning and other functions and activities as necessary to support the execution of the artistic vision.
  • Assist the Board of Directors with fundraisers, galas, supporter events, pre-concert talks, post-concert receptions, and appeals to financial donors and audience attendees.
  • Assist the Vocal Scholarship Committee with administering the Vocal Scholarship Award Program.
  • Establish, maintain, and communicate performance and rehearsal schedules with the membership and all music contracts. 
  • Actively participate in meetings of the Board of Directors, committees as requested, season and budget planning and other activities as necessary to support the execution of the artistic vision.
  • Identify and source music. This pertains to summer sings, preview parties, outreach performances and regular weekly rehearsals.
  • Provide items for the concert program book:
  • Names of soloists with brief biographies and names of instrumentalists by section.
    Order of program with specific names of composers and titles.
  • Brief biographies of Artistic Director/conductor and accompanist. 
  • Words and translations of compositions.
  • Potential "Did you know" highlight items.
  • Artistic Director’s “foreword.”
  • Manages the member audition process.
  • Communication and Partnership Functions
  • Be the public spokesperson of Saratoga Voices, in conjunction with the board of directors, to maximize public awareness of the chorus.  Be available for interviews on radio, TV and digital or print media, and any requested social media content.
  • Act as the lead in building loyalty and commitment of donors (both individual and institutional).
  • Work closely and assist the Board of Directors in developing and achieving artistic and financial goals, seeking input from the singing membership to implement and evaluate the artistic vision.
  • Maintain responsive, and healthy communications with the Board of Directors, membership, patron donors, business sponsors, and community organizations/members. All email communication and identity shall be through a designated email address by the organization (e.g.  
  • Time Commitment
  • Attend Board Meetings as requested (approximately 1 meeting/month).

Weekly rehearsals shall be two hours, including a 10-minute break. Rehearsals may run longer at the director's discretion. Performances and technical rehearsals are usually three hours.

The salary is based on a nominal 40 musical occurrences (rehearsals/concerts) for the fiscal/concert year, and associated planning and preparation.

Qualifications / Required Skills


  • Minimum of a Master’s Degree in Music.
  • Current, working knowledge of choral repertoire and the modern choral circuit.
  • Expertise and experience in vocal technique, pedagogy, teaching, languages and choral diction.
  • Proficient keyboard skills.
  • Experience in choral conducting with orchestral accompaniment.
  • Terms and Dates of Contract (including Contract Renewal), and Compensation
  • Signature on the "Letter of Agreement" page indicates agreement with the above stated duties, time commitments and compensation.  
  • The Artistic Director may hold other appointments simultaneously, and it is expected that Saratoga Voices shall be the priority.  Other appointments and engagements shall not present a conflict of interest, as determined by Saratoga Voices.
  • July 1 to June 30, the Saratoga Voices fiscal year, for the term agreed upon.
  • Starting at $12,000 per fiscal year, and commensurate with experience and annual performance metrics, shall be paid in monthly installments at the end of the month. 

Additional Information

Interested applicants, send letter of interest, qualifications,and CV or resume to: with your full name and “Artistic Director” in the subject line by March 5,
2023. Inquiries welcome at the same email address or via phone 518.416.4060. Saratoga Voices is a
501(c)(3) non-profit corporation registered as a DBA of the Burnt Hills Oratorio Society. It is
non-sectarian and does not discriminate against persons of any race, color, sexual orientation, gender,
religion, national or ethnic origin, or those with disabilities, respecting the dignity and worth of all

Contact Information

Employer Profile

Saratoga Voices embraces the choral arts within a vibrant, collaborative, and skill-nurturing environment, striving for excellence in choral performances, including diverse artists and audiences to share the joy and power of singing.

“If it involves singing, we love to do it”
Former Artistic Director, Saratoga Voices

In recent years, the Burnt Hills Oratorio Society, now Saratoga Voices, started to diversify its repertoire and broaden the definition of choral arts in the greater Capital Region. The organization not only found great joy in performing a variety of music, it also enjoyed a larger audience and greater following. It was operating at a higher level of artistic achievement and featuring guest artists with a national reputation.

Saratoga Voices is crafting a bold new vision into the 2020s to reflect its rich and diverse humanity. With the contribution of its many Voices, it will embrace new ways to share the power of singing. The vision is to reinvent the choral arts with innovative performance formats.

Saratoga Voices Inc. 501(c)(3) is a not-for-profit corporation chartered in the State of New York, governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and a paid bookkeeper. Music is under the direction of our professional artistic director and assistant conductor. Members of the chorus are volunteers, augmented by paid soloists. Although we do not have a formal audition process, singers meet periodically with the director to determine vocal placement.