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Artistic Director and Conductor - The Greenville Chorale

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province (or you can select Remote): Greenville, SC
Position: Artistic Director and Conductor
Deadline: July 31, 2024
Posted: June 16, 2024

Job Description / Duties

April, 2010; revisions: Spring, 2022; July 2023; January 2024; May 2024

Position Description and Responsibilities

The Greenville Chorale is a distinguished choral organization committed to presenting a wide array of choral music to the community. Founded in 1961, the Chorale has grown into one of the premier cultural institutions in the Upstate region, known for its high-quality performances and community engagement.

The Herring Chamber Ensemble, established by Bingham Vick, Jr. in 1997, is a professional vocal chamber group comprising select members of the Greenville Chorale. This ensemble specializes in performing intricate and diverse choral works, showcasing the versatility and skill of its singers.

1.The Artistic Director and Conductor should have extensive experience with both singers and instrumentalists, so that an effective working knowledge of both repertoire and rehearsal technique can be successful.

2. The Artistic Director and Conductor should have experience leading/conducting community choral ensembles and/or large church choirs and/or high school/collegiate choral ensembles.

3. The Artistic Director and Conductor should have relevant academic degrees and musical training, with a minimum of a master’s degree. Advanced degrees and training are preferable.

4. The Artistic Director and Conductor is responsible for all musical decisions related to the mission and goals of the Greenville Chorale. These include, but are not limited to the following:
• selecting Chorale repertoire
• conducting auditions and selecting singing members of the Chorale
• selecting and supervising procurement (or loan) of music for concerts/performances
• managing musical preparations (rehearsals) for all concerts
• maintaining an ongoing long-range plan for concert repertoire
• selecting soloists for all Chorale concerts
• approving any loan/rent of Chorale music to other organizations
• maintaining library catalogue of Greenville Chorale music holdings

5. The Artistic Director and Conductor, with approval of the Board of Directors, appoints the Chorale Manager and the Chorale Accompanist.

6. The Artistic Director and Conductor is a member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee of the Board and should be prepared to make periodic reports to the Board and the Executive Committee.

7. The Artistic Director and Conductor plans repertoire with consideration of the Chorale budget and the impact of programming on that annual budget process.

8. The Artistic Director and Conductor participates in all negotiations for any event, concert, or agreement involving artistic Chorale performance, such as collaborative concerts, ongoing or one-time.

9. The Artistic Director and Conductor serves as a primary public image and appearance of the organization to the community. This includes:
• recorded announcements and other PR
• periodic speaking engagements
• interviews, news release quotes, white papers
• promotional spot performances
• written correspondence such as thank you notes and letter signatory
10. The Artistic Director and Conductor works closely with:
• the Board president in developing effective leadership decisions,
• the Chorale Executive Director in solving day-to-day issues and opportunities,
• the Chorale Marketing Coordinator in publicizing the Chorale throughout the community
• the Treasurer and Budget preparation group in planning concert costs
• the Chorale Singers president in maintaining communication with the singers

11. The Artistic Director and Conductor:
• oversees the attendance and work ethic of all Chorale singers
• selects repertoire for both the Chorale and the Herring Chamber Ensemble
• conducts and oversees all Chorale rehearsals, including standard Monday evening rehearsals and additional concert week rehearsals
• typically conducts five concerts each season:
 Fall (October or November)
 Christmas (December)
 February Chamber Ensemble
 Spring (April or May)
 Summer (June, Patriotic Furman Lakeside Concert)
• when appropriate and musically feasible, conducts the Chorale and/or Chamber Ensemble in “special appearances” such as Artisphere, Spoletto, or other special occasions
• makes final decision regarding any special performances, such as Brevard Music Center
• coordinates and supervises all collaborations with Greenville Symphony, Hendersonville Symphony, and/or other instrumental ensembles including physical setups, placement of Chorale singers, pre-concert rehearsals, financial arrangements, publicity, etc.
• coordinates and supervises any recordings of Chorale rehearsals and/or performances. Is responsible for “final product” of these recording sessions.
• Serves as liaison with Furman University Music Department for storage of Chorale music and supplies and utilization of facilities

12. The compensation for this part-time position starts at a minimum of $15,000 annually, commensurate with experience, with an annual assessment.

Desirable Attributes* (from “THE CHORUS LEADERSHIP GUIDE by Matthew Sigman, page 31, Chorus America, 2009)

• an experienced conductor with demonstrated mastery of various musical styles
• effective communication with gestures, vocal instruction, and baton technique
• comprehensive knowledge of voices and instruments
• demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of musical scores in historical context
• superior aural skills
• command of languages and understanding of choral articulation and diction
• works efficiently in rehearsals
• inspires musicians to perform at the highest level

• a visionary, motivator, creative thinker and hard worker
• a person of integrity who engenders trust on and off the podium
• a scholar who is passionate about the music and the process of learning
• a teambuilder and diplomat who understands and is effective with group dynamics
• a life-long learner who is disciplined and inquisitive and positive

• presents well thought out arguments when choices must be made
• exhibits confidence and understanding to make difficult choices
• works collaboratively and creatively with management and Board members
• is committed to the musical, organizational, and civic advancement of the Chorale
• is actively engaged in the community, and particularly the arts community of Greenville
• is thoroughly grounded in professional ethics

Qualifications / Required Skills

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Additional Information

Salary: $15,000 or commensurate with experience

Contact Information

Employer Profile

The Greenville Chorale is seeking a new Artistic Director and Conductor for the first time in over forty years. Applications will be accepted until July 31, 2024. We are enthusiastic about this opportunity and look forward to embarking on this next chapter of our storied journey.

The Greenville Chorale is a distinguished symphonic chorus comprising 150 members. We frequently collaborate with the Greenville Symphony and other instrumental ensembles. Within our membership, we have a select 24-member paid ensemble of professional musicians. Recent highlights include being the invited choral ensemble for the Brevard Music Center's 2023 season opening night under the baton of Maestra JoAnn Falletta, and performing with internationally-acclaimed tenor Andrea Bocelli at his February 2024 concert in Greenville.

The Artistic Director role is part-time, allowing the flexibility to engage in additional professional endeavors within the community or region. Rehearsals are held on Monday evenings at Furman University and our performance venues range from the Peace Center to various local churches. We typically perform five concerts of our own each season. Our concert season often includes a fall concert with an orchestra, a Christmas concert, a winter ensemble concert, a spring concert, and an outdoor summer patriotic concert.

For detailed information and to apply, please refer to the full job description and application instructions on our website. Inquiries can be directed to