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New York City Applied Voice Teacher (with benefits) - Voice Studios of Eleonor England

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province (or you can select Remote): New York, NY
Position: New York City Applied Voice Teacher (with benefits)
Deadline: September 30, 2023
Posted: September 5, 2023

Hey everyone, we’re looking for an amazing human being who can connect to others through singing!  I hope you’re having a great day - here’s our requirements/description: 

Job Description / Duties

You'll be working, mainly 1:1 with a diverse student body mostly ages 20-40 years old. They tend to start as beginners but they often stay with us through being very advanced. So we're looking for someone with an amazing personality who can be supportive of a beginner who might have some trepidation to singing in front of someone for the first time. However, you'll need the chops to work with our advanced students as well.

You won't be doing administrative work because we have admins to back you up, look for sheet music, forward homework, etc.

Qualifications / Required Skills

We're looking for at least a Master's degree in vocal pedagogy. We prioritize people based on their personality as long as they meet the basic criteria of having an advanced degree in vocal ped.

We prefer those who play okay piano sufficient to accompany. However, if you're charming af and a great teacher, we absolutely do invest in our people. Of those we hired in Sept:

* One came in with a bachelors and masters in vocal ped and we set him up with fully paid mentorship through the studio. At this point, I seriously think of him as somewhat of a "heavyweight" voice teacher. He's fantastic.

* A second Autumn 2022 hire played almost no piano and we set him up with piano lesson. At this point, he recently sang a concert where he accompanied himself on piano singing opera and Mexican folk music. He also was trained for a year in trans voice with the head of our trans program.

In other words, we can work with the right, qualified teachers to augment their skills.

Additional Information

The Location is midtown Manhattan and you will be giving both online and in person lessons.

We have a benefits package.

For part time instructors (less than 32 hrs/wk), we have paid time off including:
* Paid vacation (2 weeks to start)
* Paid holidays when they occur on your teaching days
* Paid sick leave

For fulltime instructors (32+ hrs/wk), we have these benefits:
* Student loan repayment or medical insurance
* Paid vacation doubles at 5 years seniority
* Free vocal, music production, songwriting, or vocal ped lessons weekly

Sometimes we require teachers to take more vocal ped or piano, but they can also elect to take them on their own if they have 3 days or more open to the studio to book. In both cases, the sessions are free to the employee and if they are required by the studio, you will also be paid to take them.

All new teachers receive 4 Alexander Technique sessions as part of their first month (these we pay you to attend)

We have both a lower income program and a trans program. Most trans clients want to sing but also focus on speaking voice. You are paid your regular rate, even if the client is on low-income pricing.

Salary: $91,520 based on fulltime employment

Contact Information

Please contact Barb with your teaching resume (preferred over a CV) and cover letter.
No calls please.

Employer Profile

Hey there -

We have an opening for a wonderful person with a vocal pedagogy graduate degree in Midtown Manhattan!

Our studio is a team of some of the most highly qualified teachers in NYC. We have a mentoring program for teachers with supplemental instruction available, if needed, in vocal pedagogy, piano, voice, music production, and songwriting. If we ask you to take these sessions, you will be paid for your time in the sessions.