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Private Voice Teacher (Applied Voice) - Singing Lessons NYC

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province (or you can select Remote): San Diego * SF * NYC, CA
Position: Private Voice Teacher (Applied Voice)
Deadline: August 4, 2022
Posted: July 7, 2022

Job Description / Duties

You’ll be teaching in person and online lessons to a super diverse (racially and LGBT+ly) mostly adult clients in 50 minute increments. Students range from beginners w severe pitch issues to professional singers. Most are age 20-40, but we also have older clients and being able to work with kids is an asset.

Rep is generally CCM including Chinese pop, K-Pop, US Pop, rock, and the odd theatre client. We get everything.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Must have at least a 2-year vocal pedagogy degree or certificate. We’d like people with 8+ yrs teaching experience. We are not looking for solely performance degrees, but require some documented study in a solely vocal ped program that takes 2+ yrs. Strong CCM skills are important to the studio.

We value honest positivity and positive reinforcement.

Alexander Technique is valued pretty highly but not necessary. Language skills in Korean and/or Mandarin are also not required but appreciated.

Super-powers in hormonal effects on the voice or other areas of special interest are also super useful.

Joyful people are encouraged to apply.

Additional Information

You must be able to document being fully vaxxed and boosted, as must your in-person clients. We are not looking for people to teach online-only. You can have a say in the Covid policies of the studio.

We have a double mission:

1. To treat teachers w respect and dignity as they are usually not treated so in general, and
2. To give access for clients to teachers who do not denigrate them and with whom they can make noticeable short- or long-term progress, and feel positively about their sessions.

We love our clients, but our teachers are our biggest asset.

You will be able to take sessions with any teachers at the studio. These can include voice, songwriting, or music production. We also provide the following for part- or full-time (32 hrs/wk) teachers:

* Paid sick leave
* Paid vacation
* Paid holidays when they fall on a teaching day

For full-time (32 hrs/wk) teachers, we offer:
* Profit Sharing
* Medical Insurance
* Student loan payments up to $437/mo tax free

Doctorates are not overkill and if they are in vocal ped, you will come in at a higher salary. Masters and 2 yr certificates in vocal ped also needed.

Cost of living raises given once a year. Merit raises given at random.

We will build your schedule day by day but most teachers are full within 6 mo.

Salary listed is based off hourly wages of $49 - $51.50/hr, 32 hrs/wk with paid holidays and 2 week paid vacation starting salary.

Kay hope y’all are doing awesome - stay safe out there!

Salary: $81.5-86K

Contact Information

415-895-0549 text only

Employer Profile

Hey y’all! We are growing quickly and hiring on a rolling basis for our California and NYC in person studios. We’re a medium-sized vocal studio based in Manhattan NY, with satellite studios in San Diego, SF, and Nashville. If you are in these areas, and meet the qualification, we’d really really like to speak with you. We especially hv a need for San Diego before September gets going.