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San Diego Applied Voice Teacher - Singing Lessons San Diego

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province (or you can select Remote): San Diego, CA
Position: San Diego Applied Voice Teacher
Deadline: April 17, 2023
Posted: April 2, 2023

Job Description / Duties

Applied Voice teacher to teach mostly adults and mostly non-classical genres.

You'll be working pretty independently out of our Normal Heights location. I try to be hands off for those coming in with at least a Masters in vocal pedagogy. You guys know what you're doing! On the other hand, your colleagues will be an amazing world class bunch of pedagogues and it's okay to bounce ideas off of them if you like! Or me, that's also okay!

The sessions are 50 minutes back to back. Hopefully half that time is exercises and half literature. Or thereabouts.

Qualifications / Required Skills

Masters in vocal pedagogy preferred. However if you don't have this, I'm here to tell you it's hard to find that credential on the west coast so, we're willing to foot the bill for the MA in vocal ped if you have at least a masters in vocal performance.

Please have piano skills (classical notation isn't as valuable as chord notation) and be knowledgeable about pop music.

Some of the lessons will be online but most will be in person. Once a week you may need to go to La Jolla to pick up or La Jolla clients.

We have quite a few Asian clients, some of whom may wish to sing in Mandarin, Cantonese, or Korean so if you speak one of these bad boys, that's icing on the cake for us! Monolingual English speakers are also okay though.

Additional Information

So here's the offer:

We need ya to start with one weekday and one weekend day.

Starting pay is $55+/hr and if we reach 32 hours a week with you, we do have a full time offer which includes student loan payments, medical, paid vacation, sick days, holiday pay.

Part time benefits are paid time off (vacation, holiday, sick leave); the AT lessons; taking voice or music production/songwriting or other lessons; Mentorship if needed. You can also use the studio space for free when it isn't occupied.

COVID/safety: We have a covid screen between you and the client, 2 strong air purifiers, and an opening back door that opens to outside if you need that.

You can also take voice lessons with any teacher in the studio either as a one way situation or to trade. We pay the session fees on those.

Included with every teacher hire is 4 weeks of Alexander Technique training. If you like, instead of voice lessons you can opt to do AT as your free lesson weekly ongoing.

The vocal pedagogy program we'll pay for is through the University of Wales which is online (as there are no local programs in San Diego). The degree takes about 12 hours of time weekly, according to the website. It takes about 33 month to complete as it's a part time kinda deal.

We have admin so we don't want you to have to do unpaid admin work. You'll be paid to attend recitals and for any meetings you're required to attend.

We give yearly cost of living increases and merit raises as we can.

We value diversity of all kinds and are trans friendly in hiring and have a trans program which you can be trained in if you like.

There is a free 2 hour lot out front at the Normal Heights location.

Please play piano, care about people, and love teaching. ❤️

Salary: $55+/hr

Contact Information

We want to see a cover letter to get a feel for you as a person. We'll need a resume attached, but not a CV, please.

There is a 15-30 minute chat to see if you seem like you'd be a good fit. After that, we have a teaching audition.

We need people who are on the ground in San Diego rather than planning to move if they get the job as this will start as a part time position.

Employer Profile

We're a NYC studio with locations in California. We have a mission to treat teachers well and provide affordable and accessible voice lessons in a 1:1 setting.