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Voice Teacher - Singing Lessons NYC - San Diego Location

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province: San Diego, CA
Position: Voice Teacher
Deadline: February 10, 2022
Posted: October 24, 2021

Job Description / Duties

You’ll be teaching CCM to mostly adults in sessions about 50 min long. You will not need to get payments, do scheduling, or have clients that have access to you during your off hours. The studio space is provided by the studio as is administrative support to do research and follow-up with clients.

Additional Information
Speaking / singing in Mandarin, Cantonese and/or Korean would be amazing but it’s a want and not a need.

We understand not everyone wants full-time employment (which is 32 hrs/wk for us), but if you do do 32 hours a week, we have the following benefits:

* student loan repayment program
* medical insurance

We additionally have the following benefits for both part-time and full-time employees:

* Paid sick leave after 3 mo (starts accruing on day 1, though)
* Paid holidays when they fall on your teaching day after 1st 3 mo
* Paid vacation after the 1st year (starts accruing at day 1, though)

A note about full-time employment…
We will not have full-time for you right away, so we’ll open 1 weekday afternoon/evening and one weekend day. When those fill, we’ll open new days. We need at least 1 weekend day and (eventually) a few nights to 9.30p

Salary stated in ad is calculated based on 32 hrs/week. We are open to part timers but we’d love someone who wants to go fulltime so we can give ya these bebefits!

We are on Glassdoor with employee and ex-employee reviews:,30.htm

Qualifications / Required Skills

We are looking for someone w at least a Master’s degree in vocal pedagogy. We prefer this to be a degree and not a certificate and not solely performance degrees - unless you also have an advanced degree in vocal pedagogy. Straight up music pedagogy is not a good fit unless you also have an advanced degree in vocal ped. If you have a certificate, it should at least 16 credits of work.

You should be in the San Diego area, planning to stay, and wanting to give lessons in person. Right now, about 60% of the clients want in-person lessons and about 40% are remote.

All in-person clients are fully vaxxed. We require faculty giving in-person lessons to be fully vaxxed as well.

You should be able to accompany clients using either classical notation or jazz notation (sometimes called “faking”), preferably both. We’re open to guitar accompaniment but we usually use piano.

We’re looking for people with good energy who love teaching and who are good with people.

Additional Information

About the Benefits
We understand not everyone has student loans and some people have medical insurance already. If that’s you, we will tailor a benefits package to your needs as a person.

Salary: $79,000 - 86,000

Contact Information - please include a cover letter if you send a resume. No calls, please.

Employer Profile

Based in Midtown Manhattan, Voice Studios of Eleonor England (dba Singing Lessons NYC) is a small private voice studio serving a very diverse clientele of adults and some children with professional level vocal training. We are very friendly and accommodating to the LGBTQIAA2S+ community and teach evidence-based technique using contemporary techniques. Most of our clientele is involved with CCM but we do sometimes teach some classical when needed for top-down work.