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Voice Teacher, Private Studio Midtown NYC - Singing Lessons NYC by Eleonor England

This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province: NYC, NY
Position: Voice Teacher, Private Studio Midtown NYC
Deadline: August 4, 2022
Posted: April 25, 2022

Job Description / Duties

Hey y’all! For this job, you’ll be giving 50 minute voice lessons to mostly adults anywhere from beginner to advanced, and to both novices and professional singers. The clientele tends to be super sweet and wonderful, according to what the teachers tell me.

You will not be doing admin tasks as we have admin staff for that. We do want you to spend about 30 seconds per client and write up what you did in the session, but beyond that we really don’t want you doing admin. We pay for sheet music you need and other stuff that sometimes teachers get stuck with, I understand from conducting prior job interviews.

We need someone who is comfortable giving online voice lessons in addition to in person voice lessons out of our midtown location. If you are comfortable with kids, that is even more awesome but we don’t get a TON of kids.

If you speak Chinese or Korean, that is extra awesome but not a requirement! About 60% of our clientele are Asian and Korean and Chinese songs are popular choices with these clients.

Your colleagues here are some of the best teachers I’ve seen and everyone is easy to work with and really great human beings.

We will probably hire someone in May and then in August.

Qualifications / Required Skills

We are looking for people with advanced vocal pedagogy degrees. We sometimes hire people with the NYU advanced certificate though.

You should be able to play piano and accompany people while teaching. Jazz notation reading is helpful!

You should be able to quickly figure out what key a singer needs in a song, if not the original key.

If you are a lovely person who loves people, we really want to hear from you!

We’re looking for people who are planning to stay in the NYC metro area. We’re gonna put some money behind promoting you.

Additional Information

Salary is based on 32 hours per week, 2 weeks paid vacation, and holiday/sick leave.

Base pay is $47.50-49.88/hr

It will take us a minute to build your schedule out to fulltime. Part timers are okay as well. We try to give raises as often as possible and graduate you up. We typically charge entry level fees to clients to begin with and then once the schedule fills, we raise rates on new students and then give a raise a few months later as the new pricing solidifies. We give cost of living increases once a year at your annual review.

If you are knowledgable about hormone issues, we could really use someone to work with trans and post-menopausal clientele who’s sensitive to the issues and knows how hormones affect the voice.

If you come in with some crazy degree like a doctorate in vocal ped, we will of course pay more than the listed salary.

Salary: $79,000-83,000 plus upto $13,644/yr in medical/student loan benefits

Contact Information

Contact Barb at Singing Lessons NYC by Eleonor England

Please no calls or pop-ins.

Please submit a cover letter so we can get a feel for who you are as a person. Please also include a resume (resume is preferred over CV)

Employer Profile

We’re a medium-sized vocal studio in Manhattan with satellite studios in California and Nashville. We teach mostly CCM to an extremely racially- and LGBT-diverse client base. We believe musicians are often abused by teaching studios and that is why we offer to all teachers we have the following:

* Paid Vacation Days
* Paid Sick Leave
* Paid Holidays when they fall on your teaching day

For full-time teachers (32+ hrs/wk) we offer these additional benefits:
* Student Loan Repayment up to $437/mo (tax free)
* Medical Insurance upto $700/mo (tax free)
* Profit Sharing

We believe that people taking voice lessons are entitled to the very best, most qualified teachers; ones who can help them achieve their goals and keep it positive. We also believe that teachers at this level deserve to be treated with more respect than is commonly afforded them. Teachers are not interchangeable and your differences can be the studio’s strongest asset.