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Voice Teacher (mainly adults, mainly CCM) +Benefits - Voice Studios of Eleonor England

This is a Permanent, Part-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province: New York, NY
Position: Voice Teacher (mainly adults, mainly CCM) +Benefits
Deadline: March 15, 2022
Posted: February 22, 2022

Job Description / Duties

Hey y’all! This is Ellie! Our situation is one of our most beloved teachers is closing Saturdays because he needs to be there for his now-busy trans-oriented private studio. He’s been amazing and has a Masters plus an EdD, both in vocal pedagogy from Columbia. We’re looking for someone to teach on Saturdays in his stead for the clients we’re keeping (we’re setting him up with some), hopefully w a similar educational background. We’re super sad to see him cut back but also super eager to meet a new super-awesome person!

We teach CCM (and the occasional classical student) in Midtown to an extremely diverse student body of mainly adults. You will not need to get payments, do scheduling, or have clients that have access to you during your off hours. The space is on 8th Ave @ W48th and paid for by the studio as is administrative support to do research and follow-up with clients. This research and admin can include sheet music procurement, sending our ENT list, finding local production auditions, etc. We try to take care of you as well as the clients and you are just as important to us.

We pay you the same hourly rate if we ask you to do non-teaching things until your schedule fills. Those things might be making quick vids or social media expressing who you are or teaching a quick tip or two, attending recitals, or doing other studio-related stuff.

Qualifications / Required Skills

We would prefer someone with a Doctorate in vocal pedagogy for this particular time if possible; however, a Masters degree in the same is our minimum requirement. We need this degree to be in vocal pedagogy and not solely a performance degree - unless you also have an advanced degree in vocal pedagogy. Straight up music pedagogy is not a good fit unless you also have an advanced degree in vocal pedagogy.

You should be in the NYC metro area, planning to stay, and wanting to give lessons in person. Right now, about 60% of the clients want in-person lessons and about 40% are either remote in California or in NYC wanting online lessons. All in-person clients are fully vaxxed or boosted within the last 6 months. We also can provide a transparent barrier screen for teaching. We require faculty giving in-person lessons to be fully vaxxed or boosted within the last 6 months.

You should be able to accompany clients using either classical notation or jazz notation (sometimes called “faking”), preferably both. We’re open to guitar accompaniment but we usually use piano.

We’re looking for good people with great energy who love teaching and who are good with people.

You must be okay with in-person lessons right now, but we do go to all-online during super Covid times. You will have a say in that. But initially we need someone in person because the clients we’re looking for homes for are largely in person types.

Additional Information

Speaking / singing in Mandarin, Cantonese and/or Korean would be amazing but it’s a want and not a need.

We understand not everyone wants full-time employment (which is 32 hrs/wk for us), but if you do do 32 hours a week, we have the following benefits:

* student loan repayment program
* medical insurance

We additionally have the following benefits for both part-time and full-time employees:

* Paid sick leave after 3 mo (starts accruing on day 1, though)
* Paid holidays when they fall on your teaching day after 1st 3 mo
* Paid vacation after the 1st year (starts accruing at day 1, though)

About the benefits…
We understand not everyone has student loans and some people have medical insurance already. If that’s you, we will tailor a benefits package to your needs as a person.

A note about full-time employment…
We will not have full-time for you right away, so we’ll open 1 weekday afternoon/evening and Saturday. When those fill, we’ll open new days. We need at least 1 weekend day and (eventually) a couple nights to 9.30p

Salary stated in ad is calculated based on 32 hrs/week

If you have a Doctorate in Vocal ped, we’ll start you higher.

Salary: $79K-86K

Contact Information

Please email only - send to Please include a cover letter and resume, rather than CV if you would.

We are serious about diversity and greatly encourage people of all kinds to apply.

Stay awesome, good people of NATS!

Employer Profile

We’re the Voice Studios of Eleonor England dba “Singing Lessons NYC with Eleonor England” in NY. We’re committed to building a great work environment for our teachers and offering some affordable options to students.

Diversity is really important to us and our student body is perhaps 50% Asian/Asian American, our faculty is also very diverse racially as well as LGBTQIAA2S+ diverse.

We are on Glassdoor with employee and ex-employee reviews:,30.htm