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This is a Permanent, Full-time position.

Category: Other
State/Province (or you can select Remote): Los Angeles, CA
Position: tonebase Voice Lead
Deadline: October 13, 2023
Posted: September 18, 2023

Job Description / Duties

About this Position

This is a remote position. While our 2 main production spaces are in Los Angeles and Düsseldorf, Germany, our small team of 20+ individuals is spread across the world. That said, since our HQ is in Los Angeles, the company primarily operates on a PST schedule.

To help us launch tonebase Voice, we are looking for a Voice Lead to support our efforts in building our content and artist strategy. This position is split into 2 main parts:

**Content Development & Production**
- Work with the CEO to create and execute the company's plan for
the tonebase Voice Artist and Content strategy.
- Travel internationally to work with the world's best singers, teachers, and coaches on tonebase productions.
- Prepare artists leading up to their shoot, making sure the content is well thought out and the artist is prepared.
- Collaborating with the post-production team to review and assist in delivering final video products and the marketing team to inform campaigns of your vertical.
- After the platform goes live, perform regular data analysis and create reports to inform further content and artist strategy.

**Live & Community**
- Working with the Head of LIVE & Community, you’ll prepare and host weekly Live-Streams and Workshops, once the platform is live.
- Host Community Activities to engage with the users, and facilitate an open environment for Singers to engage with each other.

### Responsibilities

**Content strategy:**

For the initial batch of productions leading up to the launch in Q1-2024, your responsibility will be to lead content planning and research. Specifically, your role will involve assisting us in finding answers to the following questions and then producing content based on the answers.

- What is the demographic composition of the Voice community? Is it skewed toward professionals? Amateurs? Teachers? Aspiring soloist?

- What are the biggest problems and challenges of serious singers? How can we shape a content strategy that helps them achieve their goals and ambitions?

- What are the most important works of the Voice repertoire that need to be covered? How do we rectify the needs of different voice types? How do we most effectively teach the various aspects of Art Song, Opera and other repertoire forms?

- What are some technical and musical challenges that intermediate, advanced, and professional Singers encounter, and what content needs to be created to cover these aspects?
- What is the ideal “portfolio” of the first 50-100 pieces of content that should be represented on tonebase Voice?

Artist strategy

True to our mission of democratizing access to the best artists in the world, we need your expertise and knowledge of the global Voice community to help us pick the ideal artists to work with.

- Who are the most legendary singers we need to recruit? How do we recruit them?

- Who are absolute experts and master teachers? Who are the top coaches, and why?

- Who are the most exciting new up-and-coming singers we need to get on tonebase?

→ Equally crucial to identifying artists is having social capital in the Voice community and being able to recruit talent. (!)


Whenever necessary, you will be responsible for leading productions. This may involve traveling to our production spaces in Pasadena, CA, Düsseldorf, Germany, or the US East Coast (primarily Boston or NYC). Alternatively, you may need to produce on-site with the artists wherever they are located.

Review & post-production

Working closely with the post-production team, your role will involve assisting in the final delivery of the product. This includes reviewing the final footage before its release on the site and verifying the accuracy of all score examples and other related materials.

**After Launch.**

After the platform is launched, you will be responsible for maintaining and further developing the content strategy for the tonebase Voice platform. While the pace of production, which is initially very intense, may slow down a bit, you will then focus on the second aspect of your role:

**LIVE & Community management:**

- You will be trained to host weekly Live-Streams creating a Live programming for our Voice Community.

- You will oversee group activities like Two-Week-Intensives, Month Long Practice Challenges, Invite Artists for Mentorships, and create engaging content to promote skill development, foster collaboration, and build a strong sense of community among community members.

- Hosting Workshops & Group classes on important Voice topics.

- Invite Guests onto our Platform for artist interviews.

Qualifications / Required Skills

### Qualifications

Every team member working on content at tonebase is an accomplished musician and educator in their own right. However, being a domain expert in the field of singing is not sufficient for the Voice Lead role. We are seeking driven leaders who can think outside the box, create something from nothing, and challenge the existing conventions of the music world and their specific instrumental specialization.

As such, these are some of the things we’re looking for:

**************Voice Pedagogy / Domain Expertise.**************

- Master’s degree or higher in Voice Performance, Opera, or Pedagogy from a top-level conservatory
- At least 10+ years of performance and teaching experience.
- Broad network in the opera, singing, coaching, choral community
- Deep and intimate understanding of the needs and challenges of professional, aspiring, and amateur singers

**Professional Requirements:**

- Outstanding verbal and written communication skills
- Experience working in a team
- Demonstrated leadership experience
- General understanding of Social Media Marketing
- Experience & understanding of essential project management tools like, Notion, Gmail / G-suite, Excel / Google Sheets
- Ability to collect and evaluate data from various tools you’ll be using like Vimeo, Heap and others

### **For the LIVE & Community aspect you need:**


- Demonstrated experience with live streaming platforms such as Twitch, YouTube Live, Facebook Live, etc. at, or at least strong curiosity for, streaming technology
- Basic understanding of OBS (Open Broadcaster Software), including setup, configuration, and troubleshooting.
- Experience or familiarity with integrating guests into livestreams, managing multiple video/audio feeds, and ensuring smooth transitions between host and guest segments is a plus.
- Understanding of Camera / Lights / Mics to produce high-quality streams for your home setup (equipment provided by tonebase). Knowledge of ideal settings for different conditions is a plus.

**Community Management**

- Proven experience or strong interest in community engagement, management, or moderation.
- Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to foster a positive community environment, encourage discussions, and manage any conflicts diplomatically.
- Experience or willingness to learn about creating, organizing, and moderating community events, both online and offline (once applicable).

What we’re less interested in

While we appreciate your musical achievements, such as masterclasses (given and taken), a list of performances, or international tours, these accomplishments may not necessarily help you stand out if you are serious about applying. Being a domain expert is essential at tonebase, but a traditional music career, in our experience, does not always guarantee a successful career at tonebase.

Additional Information

### Compensation

During the trial period of the first **three months,** this is a full-time contracting position at $4,000 per month. After the initial contracting period, and successful completion of the trial period, there is an option/path towards a rate increase and full-time employment if desired by both parties.

The total starting compensation range (**both** base pay and equity based on the latest private valuation) is **$80,000 - $100,000** + Medical and dental Insurance and Equity in the business.

We are a well-capitalized, financially stable, and fast-growing business. We’re thinking not in months and quarters ahead but in years and decades, as our goal is to build a generational company that’ll impact the global music-learning community in a fundamental way.

There’s always something to do. We believe in upward mobility of our team members vs. rigidity in specific roles. That means as we work together, we will gradually increase your responsibilities and corresponding compensation.

How to apply?

If the above speaks to you, we want to meet you!

Please send a cover letter describing why you’re excited and the right fit to lead the tonebase Voice Vertical and a CV directly to Igor Lichtmann (Co-Founder) **** and copy Head of LIVE & Community Martin Zimny **** on the email.

Use the Subject line **“tonebase Voice Lead Application,”** and we’ll be in touch shortly.

This application closes on October 13th. However, we’re conducting interviews on a rolling basis, so if you’re interested in applying, don’t hesitate.

We can’t wait to hear from you and look forward to working and building tonebase Voice together!

– Igor Lichtmann | tonebase

Salary: $80,000-100.000

Contact Information

Igor Lichtmann

Employer Profile

About tonebase

At [tonebase,](, our mission is to democratize high-level music education, allowing everyone to learn from and be inspired by the best. Combining cinema-quality video tutorials from outstanding musicians and educators with regular live events and learning groups presented for an active, growing community, set within a user interface tailored for music education, we are building the gold standard for anyone who is serious about mastering their instruments.

True to our mission of democratizing access to the greatest minds in music, we have collaborated with renowned musicians such as Pinchas Zukerman, Mischa Maisky, James Ehnes, Emanuel Ax, Jasmine Choi, Garrick Ohlsson, Sharon Isbin, and hundreds of other world-class artists across our five existing verticals.

After starting in [tonebase Classical Guitar]( in 2018, the company expanded to [tonebase Piano]( in 2019, [tonebase Violin]( in Summer 2022, and launched [tonebase Cello]( in March and [tonebase Flute]( in July this year. Our vision from day one has been to reach as many musicians as possible across all instruments. As such, we are preparing our next vertical:

**tonebase Voice** which is aimed for launch in Q1 2024.

Joining the tonebase team is not just a job; it is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for every passionate singing professional who wishes to make an impact on the voice community and grow immensely personally and professionally in the process.

This is a fast-paced working environment and not for everyone. tonebase prides itself on an autonomous working culture regardless if you are a team lead or an intern; more than anything, we expect ownership and leadership in every position.

Most importantly, our company culture is driven by deep care - for our mission, for the product, and most importantly, for each other - which makes working at tonebase, while often challenging, a deeply rewarding experience.