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February 1 Deadline Nears for Joan Frey Boytim Awards for Independent Teachers

Awards will grant $1000 to each recipient to attend 2016 NATS National Conference in Chicago.
posted on 7:58 AM, January 26, 2016

The NATS Foundation will award up to 14 fellowships to independent teachers of singing who are NATS members to attend the 2016 NATS National Conference in Chicago, July 8-12. The Joan Frey Boytim Awards for Independent Teachers will grant $1000 to each recipient – one member from each of the 14 NATS regions.

In order to be eligible for the award:

  • The applicant must be a NATS member in good standing at the time of application and time of conference;
  • The applicant must never have previously attended a NATS National Conference;
  • Applicant must teach at least five private students per week;
  • Applicant must not work for a college or university as a voice instructor;
  • Recipients will be required to write a short essay detailing their experience at the conference in order to receive disbursement of the funds. 

For more information and to apply, click here.

NATS renamed the NATS Independent Teacher Fellowship Program in October 2015, when long-time member and independent teacher advocate Joan Frey Boytim made a significant financial commitment providing major financial support for the professional development of independent teachers through attendance at NATS National Conferences. 

Boytim and her late husband Jim have been regular contributors to NATS and the NATS Foundation for many years. She recently celebrated a major milestone as the one-millionth copy of her publications with Hal Leonard was sold. Boytim’s journey in publishing started in 1988 and was an outgrowth of her career as an independent studio teacher in Pennsylvania. She now has 56 edited volumes of music in print.

“The Foundation is delighted to partner with Joan Boytim with these awards. Joan has been a leader in vocal training for years and, in particular, is passionate about those who are teaching independently. With her many anthologies and her book, The Private Studio Handbook, Joan established herself as a leader in independent teaching; with her generosity through funding these awards, she will continue that leadership and advocacy for generations,” remarked Brian Horne, President of the NATS Foundation.

2014 Fellowship winners included (NATS region in parentheses): 
Chadley Ballantyne (Central)
Linda Condy (Eastern)
Julie Dean (Mid-Atlantic)
Liesl Dromi (Southern)
Jennifer Heather Farrell (New England)
Robin Henshaw (Mid-Atlantic)
Judy Marchman (Southeastern)
Judith Oatway (North Central)
Michael Popovsky (Eastern)
Kate Smith (Eastern)
Laura Stevenson (Texoma)
Tina Thompson-Broussard (Mid-Atlantic)
Melissa Williams (West Central)
Davin Youngs (Central)