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Finalists of the 2017 National Student Auditions announced

posted on 1:49 PM, July 20, 2017

The semifinal round of the NATS 2017 National Student Auditions (NSA) was held on Friday, July 21, at the University of Colorado-Boulder College of Music. The annual competition was part of the NATS 2017 Summer Workshop.

The final round takes place during the evening of July 21, with more than $35,000 in prizes being awarded. Winners will be announced on this site following the competition.

The NSA finalists are listed below, by category, including their region:

Category 1 – High School Music Theater Women

  • Hannah Carroll, New England Region
  • Natasha Partnoy, Cal-Western Region
  • Lauren Senden, North Central Region
  • Macey Trussell, Northwestern Region


Category 2 – High School Music Theater Men

  • Isaac Dowdle, Cal-Western Region
  • Frank Sullivan, New England Region
  • Parker Waters, Mid-Atlantic Region


Category 3 – High School Women

  • Lauren Carroll, Central Region
  • Victoria Hill, Southeastern Region
  • Lauren Senden, North Central Region 


Category 4 – High School Men

  • Hugh Davis, Northwestern Region
  • Blake Stevenson, Cal-Western Region
  • Travon Walker, Southeastern Region


Category 5 – Lower College Music Theater Women

  • Elyse Barnett, Southeastern Region
  • Katelyn Jassoy, Central Region
  • Ashley Shamy, Cal-Western Region


Category 6 – Lower College Music Theater Men

  • Tyler Cox, West Central Region
  • Rontray Miller, Southeastern Region
  • Cory Simmons, Mid-Atlantic Region


Category 7 – Lower College/Ind. Studio Women

  • Anna Lee, Southeastern Region
  • Cecelia McKinley, Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Caroline Stanczyk, Great Lakes Region


Category 8 – Lower College/Ind. Studio Men

  • James Matens, Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Jeffrey Todd, Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Alex Wunder, Mid-South Region


Category 9 – Upper College Music Theater Women

  • Madeline Dannenberg, Texoma Region
  • Lydia Eiche, North Central Region
  • Shahayla Ononaiye, Northwestern Region
  • Lauren Salazar, Texoma Region


Category 10 – Upper College Music Theater Men

  • Andrew Anderson, Southeastern Region
  • Caleb Brown, Southeastern Region
  • Andrew Poston, Mid-Atlantic Region


Category 11 – Upper College/Ind. Studio Women

  • Claire Glaittli, Cal-Western Region
  • Grace Hall, Southern Region
  • Kate Johnson, West Central Region
  • Winona Martin,  West Central Region


Category 12 – Upper College/Ind. Studio Men

  • Joseph Bowman, Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Zachary Futch, Southeastern Region
  • Evan Hammond, Southeastern Region


Category 13 – Advanced College/Ind. Studio Women

  • Frances Collins, Eastern Region
  • Kayla Harriott, Southeastern Region
  • Madelyn Wanner, Mid-Atlantic Region


Category 14 – Advanced College/Ind. Studio Men

  • Tyler Henderson, Southeastern Region
  • O’Neil Jones, Southern Region
  • Austin Sanders, North Central Region