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NATS Announces Participants in 2020 Intern Program

posted on 11:34 AM, February 13, 2020
16 early-career voice teachers and collaborative pianists will gather for an intensive training experience at the University of Dayton, May 20-30, 2020.

The executive office of the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) announced that 16 members have been selected to participate in the 2020 NATS Intern Program, a 10-day forum that pairs experienced and recognized master teachers with talented early career members of NATS. The Class of 2020 NATS Interns includes 12 voice teachers and has been expanded to include four collaborative pianists, up from three in previous years.

“The 2020 Intern Program continues as our highest level ‘immersion’ offering in our association's long tradition of mentorship and goals of providing professional development opportunities for its members,” said Linda Snyder, director of the 2020 NATS Intern Program and immediate past president of NATS.

This year’s class includes teachers who teach in university settings as well as those who operate independent studios. "Members of the 2020 Class have also taught in diverse locations such as community music schools, churches, high schools, and summer workshop programs, and with a varied repertoire ranging from opera/music theater to gospel and pop,” said Snyder. Applicants were chosen following an extensive review. Snyder noted, "The selection committee was once again deeply impressed as it carefully considered the high number of applications to this prestigious program. Yes, the future of our profession continues to be in very good hands!"

This year's voice interns will work with master teachers Ollie Watts Davis (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Lorna MacDonald (University of Toronto), Dean Southern (Cleveland Institute of Music), and Cynthia Vaughn (Independent Studio, WA). The collaborative piano interns will work with master teacher Margo Garrett (The Juilliard School, retired).

The program will be held at the University of Dayton (Dayton, OH), May 20-30. Serving as on-site coordinator is Minnita Daniel-Cox, voice faculty coordinator at the University of Dayton. Tana Field (Murray State University) serves as vocal literature liaison. Dr. Wendy LeBorgne, of the Dayton Blaine Block Institute for Voice Rehabilitation and the NATS Wellness Coordinator, will provide a special lecture and tour of the Institute’s lab. "We are looking forward to experiencing an outstanding 30th Anniversary edition of the NATS Intern Program," said Snyder.

Over the years, NATS Interns have maintained close professional bonds. At the biennial NATS National Conference, all those who have participated in past Intern Programs gather for a reunion and catch up with one another. Since its inception in 1991, the NATS Intern Program alumni network has grown to more than 300 voice-teaching professionals.


NATS Intern Program – Class of 2020


Patricia Au - Boston, MA
Qiao Zheng Goh - Chapel Hill, NC
Casey Robards – Urbana, IL
Natalie Sherer – Ann Arbor, MI


Patricia Au


Qiao Zheng Goh


Casey Robards


Natalie Sherer


Sarah Bucher - Miamisburg, OH
Katherine Calcamuggio Donner - Louisville, KY
Sarah Folsom - Cincinnati, OH
Susan Gouthro - Harrisonburg, VA
Liz Gray - Interlochen, MI
Carrie 'CJ' Greer - Reno, NV
Samuel Handley - Sheboygan, WI
Michael Hendrick - Baton Rouge, LA
Charles Moore - Greeley, CO
Daniel Stein - Athens, OH
Gretchen Windt - Salt Lake City, UT
Rachel Lindsay Wood - Whitewater, WI


Sarah Bucher


Katherine Donner


Sarah Folsom


Susan Gouthro


Liz Gray


Carrie 'CJ' Greer


Samuel Handley


Michael Hendrick


Charles Moore


Daniel Stein


Gretchen Windt


Rachel Lindsay Wood

With partial funding from the NATS Foundation, the NATS Intern Program is an exceptional training experience. The program environment is structured to improve the teaching skills of the interns as well as promote the interdependent relationships necessary to provide the best instruction for students, who often are independently taught by collaborative pianists and voice teachers. Within an intensive format designed to promote the dynamic exchange of ideas and techniques, the goal is to improve substantially the studio teaching skills of voice interns and the coaching skills of collaborative piano interns.

The NATS Intern Program is held annually. Application materials for the 2021 Program will be available in late summer 2020. If you are interested in contributing to the support of the program, log on to our online donor portal, scroll down to make a designated gift, and select “Funding for NATS Intern Program.” If your school or facility would be interested in coordinating/hosting a future NATS Intern Program, please contact pastpresident@nats.org for details and facility requirements.

Testimonials from Class of 2019 Interns

 “It was, indeed, career-shaping, and I will never forget the things I learned and the people who have now become part of my vocal family.”

“The most valuable part was absolutely working with my master teacher…. He went above and beyond for us pianists.”

“This program was exactly what my mentors told me it would be and more: the single most formative experience of my early teaching career…. And more than anything, I am so thankful for the lasting relationships I forged with the other interns.”