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NSA finalists named at 2016 NATS National Conference

posted on 7:22 PM, July 9, 2016

CHICAGO - The finalists have been named in the National Student Auditions following a full day of evaluations at Roosevelt University.

Below are the finalists, by category, who will compete for prizes during tomorrow's NSA Finals at the Marriott Magnificent Mile.

Category I – High School Music Theater Women

Zan Berube

Faith Brooks

Atlee Jensen

Category II – High School Music Theater Men

Andrew Bonomolo

Leo Plante

Tyler Shore

Category III – High School Women

Sarah Aaldering

Kate Broderick

Victoria Hill

Category IV – High School Men

Tyrese Byrd

Matthew Goodheart

Shayne Piles

Category V – Lower College Music Theater Women

Amanda Mason

Laura Paruzynski

Roni Shelley Perez

Category VI – Lower College Music Theater Men

Caleb Brown

Noah Lindquist

Tyler Smith

Category VII – Lower College/Independent Studio Women

Sicily Mathenia

Claire Powling

Anja Pustaver

Category VIII – Lower College/Independent Studio Men

David Fournie

Patrick Graham

Robert Skylis

Jeffrey Todd

Category IX – Upper College Music Theater Women

Amy Docalavich

Kiani Nelson

Cheyanne Osoria

Category X – Upper College Music Theater Men

  1. Tyler Cook

Craig Smith

Jalen Smith

Category XI – Upper College/Independent Studio Women

Mary Kettlewell

Isabelle Maina

Zoe Elizabeth McCray

Category XII – Upper College/Independent Studio Men

David Catalano

Erik Grendahl

Prentiss Mouton

Category XIII – Advanced College/Independent Studio Women

Suzanne Karpov

Na Ae Park

Rebecca Sacks

Category XIV – Advanced College/Independent Studio Men

Raymond Graybar

Andrew Hiers

Austin Sanders

Sean Stanton

Hall Johnson Spiritual Category

Prentiss Mouton

Corinthia Sims

Stephan Wilson