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Semifinalists Announced for 2018 National Student Auditions

posted on 3:39 PM, May 10, 2018
Semifinal and Final Rounds will be held next month during the NATS National Conference in Las Vegas

NATS congratulates the preliminary YouTube-round participants who have been selected to advance to the onsite national semifinal round at the 2018 National Student Auditions in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the NATS 55th National Conference. 

The semifinal round will be held on Friday, June 22 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. 

The top three singers in each category from the semifinal round of competition will advance to the live National Finals on Sunday, June 24, at the Tropicana Las Vegas, Partagas room.  

Further details will be communicated to semifinalists via e-mail no later than Wednesday, May 23.

Note to National Student Audition participants: Each preliminary YouTube-round adjudicator provided comments on each audition. Competition participants can access these comments by logging on to their NATS account, with Username and Password. (Your Username is the email address you provided for registration). From the "Member Home" page, click to "view" the application; comments are listed toward the bottom.

Following is a complete list of the singers selected to participate in the live semifinal round, by category, including the biennial Hall Johnson Spirituals:

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Category 1 - High School Music Theater Women

First Name Last Name Region
Anna Bakun Northwestern
Emma Broyles Northwestern
Hannah Carroll New England
Kateri Condon Eastern
Aria Critchley Cal-Western
Sara Gordon Mid-Atlantic
Phoebe Jacobs Northwestern
Jordan McAndrew Eastern
Riley Ortega Southeastern
Abigail Pauley Mid-Atlantic
Katherine Roeder New England
Kathryn Schneider North Central
Lauren Senden North Central
Jocelyn Shank Eastern
Macey Trussell Northwestern

Category 2 – High School Music Theater Men

First Name Last Name Region
Toshaan Arora Texoma
Andrew Bonomolo Mid-Atlantic
Bailey Connors Central
Nick DiPuma Southeastern
Andy Edelman New England
James Gagnon New England
Jack Hale Northwestern
Luke Henson North Central
Jeff Hines-Mohrman Northwestern
Ethan Kelso Cal-Western
Andrew McClelland New England
Nathan Rowbotham North Central
David Timm North Central
Parker Waters Mid-Atlantic

Category 3 - High School Women

First Name Last Name Region
Clara Dahmer Northwestern
Isabel Ferguson Cal-Western
Halle Fish Central
Sophia Heinz Northwestern
Julia Holoman Mid-Atlantic
Rae Hyra Northwestern
Callie Iliff Texoma
Phoebe Jacobs Northwestern
Madeleine Keane North Central
Ava Kuntz Cal-Western
Riley Ortega Southeastern
Madison Riley Mid-Atlantic
Lauren Senden North Central
Maddy Smith Northwestern
Maya Thorson Cal-Western

Category 4 - High School Men

First Name Last Name Region
Williams Atkinson Mid-South
David Bone Central
Kourtney Clay Southeastern
Bailey Connors Central
Jack Hale Northwestern
Carter Hayden Central
Taurus Huling Mid-Atlantic
Nathan Janzen North Central
Grey Lehman Mid-Atlantic
Avery Luepker Central
Easton Marks Northwestern
Ethan Mirman North Central
Ethan Nott North Central
Koby Springsteen Northwestern
Parker Waters Mid-Atlantic

Category 5 – Lower College Music Theater Women

First Name Last Name Region
Sydney Byte Texoma
Melissa Campbell Texoma
Alivia Combs Great Lakes
Elizabeth Drake Southeastern
Ashlynn Eubanks Southeastern
Faustina Gorham Mid-South
Victoria Hill Southeastern
Faith Jones Mid-Atlantic
Brenna McFarland Mid-Atlantic
Lee Metaxa Texoma
Georgia Peake Mid-South
Morgan Roberts Northwestern
Samantha Scantlin West Central
Ashley Stackhouse Cal-Western

Category 6 – Lower College Music Theater Men

First Name Last Name Region
Landon Bell Southeastern
Anthony Blatter Central
JR Bloomer Mid-Atlantic
Ben Boutell Mid-South
Matthew Carter West Central
Austin Colburn Texoma
Jeremiah Copeland Mid-Atlantic
Brendan Hanks Mid-Atlantic
Dakota Mathew West Central
Bryce Mixon Southeastern
Asa Stallings Southeastern
Jared Thom West Central
Tyler Vandiver Southeastern
Anthony Zuniga Mid-Atlantic

Category 7 – Lower College/Independent Studio Women

First Name Last Name Region
Bonnie Blackwell Mid-Atlantic
Alexandra Burch North Central
Laura Dean Cal-Western
Lucy Evans Central
Leah Finn Mid-Atlantic
Alison Gillespie West Central
Victoria Hill Southeastern
Anna Lee Southeastern
Emma Robertson Southeastern
Ashley Stackhouse Cal-Western
Strummer Steele Eastern
Mary Lee Turner Southeastern
Olga Valdes Northwestern
Leah Wons North Central

Category 8 – Lower College/Independent Studio Men

First Name Last Name Region
Adriel Baralt Southeastern
Edward Bland Mid-Atlantic
Ben Boutell Mid-South
Harris Boyer Mid-South
Tyrese Byrd Mid-Atlantic
Joshua Coleman Mid-Atlantic
Trevor Eaden Northwestern
Alexander Foufos Northwestern
Jacob Hungerford Northwestern
Nicholas Lin Central
Ruben Ortega Texoma
Shayne Piles Central
Ben Strong Eastern
Travis Williams Great Lakes

Category 9 – Upper College Music Theater Women

First Name Last Name Region
Hannah Bach Texoma
Desiree Borges Mid-Atlantic
Mikensley Clayton Southeastern
Ashton Davis Mid-Atlantic
Skyler Dykes West Central
Kourtney Ellis Southeastern
Faith Fryer Texoma
Lizzie Guest Texoma
Kristen Marion Mid-Atlantic
Patrisha Matthews Southeastern
Kaylee Miltersen Northwestern
Elise O'Connell Texoma
Kelsey Seals Southeastern
Timmi Winston Mid-Atlantic

Category 10 – Upper College Music Theater Men

First Name Last Name Region
Zach Butler Texoma
Evan Crump Mid-Atlantic
Corbin Eakes West Central
Charles Giles Mid-Atlantic
Luke Holt Mid-Atlantic
Quinten Hopkins Southeastern
Wesley Hudson Mid-Atlantic
Reese Landis Texoma
Logan Langholdt West Central
Jairus McClanahan Mid-Atlantic
Chance Passmore Southeastern
Jalen Smith Southeastern
Tyler Smith Southeastern
Alan Stein Southeastern

Category 11 – Upper College/Independent Studio Women

First Name Last Name Region
Casey Dakus Cal-Western
Eliza Eaches Mid-South
Emily Heyl Central
Savannah Hirst Southeastern
Catherine Jacobs Northwestern
Morgan Jessee Mid-South
Zoë Jones Mid-Atlantic
Joanna Jones Mid-Atlantic
Jessica Rice Southeastern
Claire Robinson Cal-Western
Susannah Stewart Mid-Atlantic
Raji Venkat Southeastern
Aiyana Williams Central
Hannah Wynne Northwestern

Category 12 – Upper College/Independent Studio Men

First Name Last Name Region
Ryan Alexander Southern
Seth Blohm Northwestern
Cardarious Bonner Texoma
Clayton Capra West Central
Tyler Hast Central
Logan Kenison Mid-Atlantic
John Mburu Mid-South
Matthew McKinnon Texoma
Luke Merrick Southern
Chance Passmore Southeastern
Christopher Senty Southern
Hunter Shaner Mid-South
Austin Stone New England
Jeffrey Todd Mid-Atlantic
Bergsvein W. Toverud Mid-Atlantic

Category 13 – Advanced College/Independent Studio Women

First Name Last Name Region
LaToya Adams Mid-Atlantic
Kari Burgess Northwestern
Clarisse Colao Cal-Western
Jaralane Davis Southeastern
Crystal Golden Mid-Atlantic
Larissa Hommes Northwestern
Audra House North Central
Patty Kramer West Central
Kaylee Miltersen Northwestern
Caitlin Moore Mid-South
Courtney Pendleton Eastern
Yvette Rodriguez Mid-Atlantic
Yasmine Swanson Eastern
Alana Yeomans Central

Category 14 - Advanced College/Independent Studio Men

First Name Last Name Region
Thomas Albanese Northwestern
Emzy Burroughs Cal-Western
Nicholas Carratura Mid-Atlantic
Chris Langton Cal-Western
Gerald Nicholas Texoma
Austin Sanders North Central
Zaikuan Song Great Lakes
Jared Stufft Eastern
Vincent Valentin Southeastern
Kendrick Williams Mid-Atlantic

Hall Johnson Spirituals

First Name Last Name Region
Tiffanie Briggs Mid-Atlantic
Jordan Brown Southern
Dekarius Dawson Southern
Morgan Jessee Mid-South
Juwan Johnson Eastern
Faith Jones Mid-Atlantic
Sasha King Mid-Atlantic
Kayla Linquist Northwestern
Nicholas Lockett Southern
Malek McDuffie Mid-Atlantic
Tres McMichael Mid-Atlantic
Jalen Smith Southeastern
Kayla Thomas Southeastern
Samuel Wilson West Central

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