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Teacher, Artist, NATS Member, and Hollywood Star Marni Nixon Dies at 86

posted on 12:51 PM, July 26, 2016

The NATS community and indeed the entire performing arts community lost a bright and shining star with the death of longtime member and consummate performing artist Marni Nixon this week.  Much has been said in the media about her outstanding and significant performing career in the movies, but just as significant and perhaps more significant and meaningful to her was her teaching career and the opportunity she had to generously give to later generations of performers up until her death.  In addition, few living artists today could claim that they were a favorite singer of Stravinsky.  In 2008 she was recognized by NATS and was the speaker at our Gala at the Nashville National Conference where she shared with attendees thoughts about her career and the joy of teaching.  We have assembled several links to various articles and media in memory of this generous and giving colleague who will be missed by us all.


http://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2016/07/25/466437387/ghost-soprano-marni-nixon-who-voiced-blockbuster-musicals-dies-at-86 (written and produced by Jeffrey Lunden, a former student and reporter)



Marni Nixon Dubbing Test

Marni Nixon Medley


Marni with Henry Mancini



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