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Transitions: From Private Studio to Community Music School

posted on 4:05 PM, September 29, 2016
Our Inter Nos "Independent Voices" features a new series, titled "Transitions." Associate Editor Cynthia Vaughn said about the new feature, "As singers and voice teachers we go through many transitions: such as transitioning from graduate school to professional, transitioning from a singing career to teaching, transitioning into parenting plus a teaching career, transitioning from a small town to a big city or vice versa." This first article tells the journey of Sharon Szymanski, whose "labor of love" now instructs more than 400 students.

By Sharon Szymanski, Chapel Hill School of Musical Arts

I never saw myself as an entrepreneur when I began private teaching, but it turned out that the skills that made me a good voice teacher led me unerringly in that direction. How so?

Voice teachers care: I saw that there was a large demand in our arts-supportive community for good singing instruction and I wanted to help.

Voice teachers are good communicators: I put my written and verbal skills to good use creating marketing materials, doing free workshops and speaking with parents.

Voice teachers are excellent puzzle solvers: Just as we analyze strengths and challenges with students and devise creative strategies and processes to “complete” the puzzle that is a singer, I took the same approach with business and organizational needs and came up with creative solutions.

Voice Teachers are passionate: When you are truly passionate about your business, everyone feels it and it thrives!

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