2023 NATS National Mentoring Collaborative - Mentee Application Deadline

September 22, 2023

The intent of the NATS National Mentoring Collaborative (NNMC) is to foster learning for ALL TEACHERS by offering this collaborative approach to mentoring. This is an opportunity to improve your skills, collaborate with new people, and consider new strategies. We focus on creating an interactive and inclusive environment with three components including:

  • Two one-hour sessions with a mentor of your choice (see list and links below).
  • Two shared videos of your teaching with your mentor teacher OR another collaborative session with your mentor to address specific interests.
  • A collaborative session with ALL currently enrolled mentees to discuss points of interest.


Fall session application deadline is September 22, 2023 (extended one week!)  with enrollment dates from October 1 to December 15, 2023.

Mentor Selection:

Those interested in being mentored are able to choose from a list of Mentor Teachers to aid in developing their own teaching pedagogy. The program also includes collaborative piano. (CLICK HERE for an informational video.)


The fee for Mentees is $150, from which a stipend will be paid to Mentor Teachers. 

More Information

Mentee Application