2024 NATS Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy Institute - Registration Deadline

May 28, 2024

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June 16-23, 2024
Utah State University, Logan, UT

Led by master voice pedagogy teachers Lynn Helding, John Nix and Amelia Rollings Bigler, the NATS Science-Informed Voice Pedagogy Institute will train enrollees in the application of current voice science to their teaching, whether in the studio or the classroom. The intensive one-week course is structured around the traditional pillars of voice science, as well as the newest addition to science-informed pedagogy, cognitive science.

Topics include:

  • The Motor: Skeletal Alignment and Respiration 
  • The Source: Phonation
  • The Resonator: Acoustics
  • The Snake Pit: Registration
  • The Message-Maker: Articulation
  • The Brain: The application of cognitive science and motor learning research to voice pedagogy.

Training sessions will consist of traditional lectures, seminars, master classes, open forums, and demonstration teaching by attendees, and will be inspired by clear goals and outcomes.

By the end of the institute, enrollees should:

  • Possess both an historic and practical understanding of the three pillars of voice science: physiology, vocal tract acoustics, and cognition.
  • Be able to define science-informed voice pedagogy and articulate its importance and value in 21st century voice training.
  • Know the existent science-informed voice pedagogy resources and how to access them.
  • Be both prepared and equipped to refresh their own course content and align course objectives with the new NATS science-informed pedagogy resources. Attendees will leave equipped with resources to advocate for curricular change at their institutions.
  • Commit to a future in which every voice student is assured that they will be educated in a common foundation of science-informed voice pedagogy knowledge upon which to build.

While the NATS Science-Informed Pedagogy Institute is designed for those teaching voice pedagogy at the collegiate level, it is open to all voice professionals keen to heighten their knowledge base to be truly “science-informed,” whether in the classroom or the studio.


Registration fee: $895

Housing and meal package: $590 (includes 2 meals per day and suite style housing with private bedroom)

Registration is limited to 60 participants.

All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

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