ICVT 2025 Toronto Canada web banner

11th International Congress of Voice Teachers (ICVT) Committee

Committee Members:

Darryl Edwards (chair), Vicki St. Pierre (co-chair), Torin Chiles (co-chair and Head Counsel), Allen Henderson (NATS Executive Director), Kelly Balmaceda (NATS Director of Events and Programs).

RCM ICVT Committee:

Adrianne Pieczonka (chair), Patrick Duperré, Elaine Rusk

UofT FoM ICVT Committee:

Monica Whicher (chair), Darryl Edwards

Program Committee: 

Kari Ragan (chair), Vicki St. Pierre, Kevin Wilson, Lorna McDonald, Susan Yarnell-Monks (EVTA), Deantha Edmunds, Marcus Nance, Renee Yoxton, Carolina Botero.


Lisa Brillon (chair), Christina Haldane (co-chair grant/fundraising), Jennifer Swanson


Beth Horst (Chair), Vicki St. Pierre

Volunteers/Venue Management:

Michelyn Wright (chair), Torin Chiles, Sarah Amelard, Allison Arends, Melissa Bencic, Rebecca Campbell, Erin Collins, Margot Hamilton, Elizabeth McDonald, Krisztina Szabo, Michelle Teh, Denise Williams

Composers Showcase:

Alice Ho and Abigail Richardson-Schulte (co-chairs)

Guest Artist Coordinator:

Vania Chan, Torin Chiles, Co-Chairs, Monica Whicher, Irene Illic

Poster Presentations:

Mari Hahn (co-chair), Vicki St. Pierre


Patrick Duperré (chair), Darryl Edwards