Journal of Singing Associate Editor

Popular Song and Music Theater: Robert Edwin


Robert Edwin has served NATS in many capacities, among them: New Jersey Chapter President (1985-1992); author of “The Bach to Rock Connection,” the first regular feature in the Journal of Singing dedicated to CCM voice pedagogy (1985-2002); National Secretary/Treasurer (2002-2006); first master teacher in the Intern Program to represent the independent studio sector (2005); first “wired” master class clinician at a national conference and a NATSAA finals judge (Nashville 2008); guest host - On Line Chat (2008); Chair of the National Music Theater Competition Advisory Committee and a finals judge (Orlando 2012); JOS Associate Editor (2002-present).

Internationally recognized as a singer, songwriter, teacher, and author, Mr. Edwin is a frequent faculty member at the Voice Foundation’s Annual Symposium: Care of the Professional Voice, and is an active member of the distinguished American Academy of Teachers of Singing. His DVD on child voice training, The Kid & the Singing Teacher, with CCC-SLP Barbara Arboleda is available at . He is a chapter author for the 2012 Oxford University Press Handbook of Music Education and his chapter on teaching children appears in the book, Pediatric Voice Disorders (Plural Publishing).