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Against the Wind: Singers Growing Old
Singers grow old, and they must grapple with accommodating to changes in voice and anxiety about continued ability to perform. JoAnna E. Sloggy and Graham D. Rowles, in their article “Against the Wind: Singers Growing Old,” published in the May/June 2019 issue of “Journal of Singing,” discuss aging in prominent rock stars past and present. In the light of unrealistic audience expectations that hold them to standards of their youth, these iconic personalities face difficult challenges and decisions that they discuss in their own words.
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An investigation of CCM voice pedagogy: A class of its own?
Surging public interest in and demand for singing voice training in CCM styles has posed a dilemma for singing teachers, performers, and voice students who have been trained only in the traditional classical model, and American voice pedagogy has been slow to respond. The major challenge is that the field of CCM singing lacks a systematic, clear, and cohesive pedagogy that addressed the specific style-related technique and vocal health needs of CCM singers. In the January/February 2020 issue of Journal of Singing with “An Investigation of Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Voice Pedagogy: A Class of Its Own?,” Irene Bartlett and Marisa Lee Naismith contribute a significant contribution to a gradually expanding literature.
JOS-076-3-2020-273_-_Bartlett-Naismith_-_An_Investigatin_of_CCM.pdf (application/pdf, 416.5 K) posted at 11:45 AM, February 4, 2020
Audio Technology: A Tool for Teachers and Singers
Alongside a developing systemic pedagogy for CCM is an awareness of the primal importance of audio technology in contemporary singing. Aaron Cafaro and Christopher Arneson, in “Audio Technology: A Tool for Teachers and Singers,” published in the January/February issue of Journal of Singing, introduce fundamental aspects of audio technology and explore how that technology can benefit singers and voice teachers in the context of the voice lesson.
JOS-076-3-2020-311_-_Cafaro_-_Arneson_-_Audio_Technology.pdf (application/pdf, 531.3 K) posted at 11:27 AM, January 21, 2020
Cancer Chemotherapy: An Overview and Voice Implications
Three respected otolaryngologists and an Oncology Pharmacy Specialist join to write “Cancer Chemotherapy: An Overview and Voice Implications” in the May/June issue of the Journal of Singing. The many treatment options for cancer and the plethora of chemotherapeutic drugs and other agents continue to grow. Current agents possess effective antitumor activity, but they come with a multitude of voice impairing side effects of varying severity with which singers and singing teachers should be familiar.
JOS-076-05-2020-559.pdf (application/pdf, 444.4 K) posted at 12:56 PM, July 7, 2020
Care of the Professional Voice: ‘Voice Rest’
All too often, “Don’t Sing” is an unnecessary prescription given to patients for various voice maladies. “Don’t speak” is a less common recommendation, and it is justified even more rarely. In their article “Voice Rest” in the May/June issue of “Journal of Singing,” physicians Robert Sataloff, Adam Rubin, Karen Lyons, and Voice Pathologist/Singing Voice Specialist Jean Skeffington offer reasons when absolute voice rest is necessary and how the patient should handle it. They also examine the more common relative voice rest, with practical suggestions for patient program of activity during this therapy.
JOS-075-5-2019-557_-_Voice_Rest_-_Satalof_-_Cline_-_Lyons_-_Skeffington_-_Rubin.pdf (application/pdf, 697.9 K) posted at 11:10 AM, July 9, 2019

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