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Care of the professional voice: Gluten sensitivity
Gluten allergy seems almost faddish as a “maladie du jour,” but its ubiquity is much more real than imagined. In their article “Gluten Sensitivity” for the column “Care of the Professional Voice” of the January/February issue of “Journal of Singing,” Drs. Aaron J. Jaworek and Robert T. Sataloff suggest that the problem, especially with the concomitant gastroesophageal reflux, poses a serious threat to singers. In the article, the authors thoroughly identify the allergy, and discuss its diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment.
JOS-075-3-2019-303_-_Gluten_Sensitivity_-_Jaworek-Sataloff.pdf (application/pdf, 448.7 K) posted at 1:56 PM, February 5, 2019
CCM versus Music Theater - A Comparison
At the turn of the present century, music theater pedagogy was often considered synonymous with CCM pedagogy. As we near the end of the second decade of the 21st century, separate pedagogies are emerging that distinguish important differences between the training of commercial singers and that of music theater performers. These are explored by noted scholars and voice practitioners Matthew Edwards and Matthew Hoch, in “CCM versus Music Theater: A Comparison,” published in the November/December 2018 issue of “Journal of Singing.”
JOS-075-2-2018-183_-_CCM_versus_Music_Theater_-_Edwards-Hoch.pdf (application/pdf, 230.3 K) posted at 11:35 AM, December 17, 2018
Cinderella Meets Cendrillon: Music Theater and Opera Living Under the Same Roof
For many years, opera and music theater have occupied separate—and often antagonistic—worlds, playing to very different audiences. In “Cinderella Meets Cendrillon: Music Theater and Opera Living Under the Same Roof,” featured in the November/December issue of “Journal of Singing,” authors Mark McQuade, Jennifer McQuade, Allen Henderson, and David Sisco outline a modern trend in U. S. and European performance venues to include both genres, a movement that has financial, attendance, and pedagogic ramifications.
JOS-075-2-2018-121_-_Cinderella_Meets_Cendrillon.pdf (application/pdf, 626.5 K) posted at 3:12 PM, November 27, 2018
Collab Corner - “The Art and Skills of Learning (New) Music: Lucy Shelton’s Practice Guide”
Internationally acclaimed soprano Lucy Shelton has made a career embracing challenges of new music. In “The Art and Skills of Learning (New) Music: Lucy Shelton’s Practice Guide,” found in the March/April issue of Journal of Singing, Ms. Shelton shares her method for learning contemporary works. Her carefully constructed toolkits provide practical approaches designed to greatly reduce the fear of seemingly daunting scores and render them more easily accessible to the interested singer.
JOS-075-4-2019-477_-_Collab_Corner_Art_and_Skills_of_Learning_New_Music_-_Shelton.pdf (application/pdf, 2048.6 K) posted at 12:39 PM, April 16, 2019
Contemporary Perspectives on the Countertenor
Unlike systematic voice pedagogy for classical singers pioneered by the legendary Richard Miller, and an emerging pedagogy for CCM singers headed by Robert Edwin, Jeanette LoVetri, and others, there is no similar codified approach for the countertenor voice. In the November/December issue of “Journal of Singing,” Jerod Reetz continues a movement to fill this gap with his “Contemporary Perspectives on the Countertenor: Interviews with Kai Wessel, Corinna Herr, Arnold Jacobshagen, and Matthias Echternach.” The article reflects contemporary thought on the topic, furthering an understanding of the countertenor voice and its pedagogy.
JOS-075-2-2018-131_-_Contemporary_Perspectives_on_the_Contertenor_-_Reetz.pdf (application/pdf, 204.7 K) posted at 10:43 AM, December 4, 2018

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