2015 National Student Auditions - Finalists

NATS_Student_Audition_Logo.jpgThe semifinals of the 2015 National Student Auditions were held on Tuesday, July 7, 2015, at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Below are the finalists selected, by category, to advance to the final round, which will be held during an evening session.

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Category I – High School Music Theater Men

Chris Hutton

Leo Plante

Garrett Wilson

Category II – High School Music Theater Women

Macey Arrington

Katie Glasgow

Claire Griffin

Category III – High School Men

Erik Belz

Ricky Goodwyn

Grayson Milholin

Category IV – High School Women

Anna Ginther

Lydia Graham

Anna Lee

Category V – College/Private Music Theater Men

Matthew Billman

Noah Lindquist

Craig Smith 

Category VI – College/Private Music Theater Women

Sawyer Branham

Gabrielle Fuqua

Jacqueline Savageau 

Category VII – Lower College/Private Men

Zachary Futch

Jared Jones

O’Neill Jones

Ryan LeGrand

Category VIII – Lower College/Private Women

Gabrielle Barkidjija

Kathleen Johnson

Jennifer Kreider

Category IX – Upper College/Private Men

Hunter Aldridge

Jacob Engel

Deonte Goodman

Christopher Hochstuhl

Category X – Upper College/Private Women

Carol Anne Osborne

Kaileigh Reiss

Catherine Sandstedt 

Category XI – Graduate/Advanced Men

Gabriel Curl

Jesse Melson

David Sanchez 

Category XII – Graduate/Advanced Women

Ahyoung Jeong

Jessica Lynn

Ashley Mispagel